Please complete the form below to request a charter bus or to request a chauffeur/driver. Requesting a charter does not guarantee we can accommodate the request. We will review the request and contact you regarding your charter request. Please do not include confidential information on this form. A Transportation Services employee will contact you for I/N, check or Speedtype information and to confirm the reservation.

Charter Bus Hourly Rates July 2022 - June 2023

Bus size Passenger seats External[1,4] CU staff & alumni[2,4] Internal[3]
30' up to 25 $135.00/hr $121.86/hr $114.50/hr
30' special up to 19 $126.36/hr $114.25/hr $107.25/hr
40' up to 36 $160.42/hr $144.50/hr $137.00/hr
60' up to 54 $167.75/hr $154.50/hr $143.50/hr

Charter Bus Hourly Rates July 2023 - June 2024

Bus size Passenger seats External[1,4] CU staff & alumni[2,4] Internal[3]
30' up to 25 $148.50/hr $134.05/hr $126.00/hr
30' special up to 19 $139.00/hr $125.68/hr $118.00/hr
40' up to 36 $176.46/hr $158.95/hr $150.75/hr
60' up to 54 $184.53/hr $169.95/hr $157.75/hr
  • All charter bus rentals require a 3 hour minimum rental period.
  • All 30', 40' and 60' buses are ADA accessible and will accommodate up to 2 mobility aids. 

[1] External customers are non-university affiliated individuals or groups.

[2] CU staff and alumni reserving charter buses for private, non-university affiliated functions. CU alumni will need to complete the online Alumni/Staff/Faculty Eligibility form.  CU staff can verify eligibility with an employee ID number.

[3] University-affiliated customers paying with a CU SpeedType qualify for the internal rate.

[4] External customers and CU alumni and staff will also need to sign the Buff Bus Charter Contract after your reservation is approved (click to preview/sign via DocuSign).

Other Fees and Charges

  • A ground coordinator is required for all events using five or more buses or if Transportation Services determines one may be needed.  There is a three hour minimum charge.  Pricing is $72.24/hour for external customers, $66.76/hour for CU staff and alumni and $58/hour for internal customers paying with a SpeedType.
  • Express Toll charges from Boulder to DIA are $30 each way (flat fee, per bus).
  • Other tolls and parking fees are billed according to exact charges incurred.
  • Pre- and post-trip inspections are required by DOT regulations.  A 60 minute pre-trip and 60 minute post-trip inspection will be performed and automatically added on to each charter bus trip and billed at the hourly bus rate by size of bus. Additionally, travel time to the pickup location and from the final destination location will be billed at the hourly bus rate.

Premium Service Fees:

Late Reservations/Cancellations:

Cancellations made six working days or less will be charged a minimum fee as follows:

Working days prior to, or including, actual reservation Minimum charge
5 and 6 days prior 1 hour
3 and 4 days prior 2 hours
Day of, 1 and 2 days 3 hours

Reservations made five working days or less will be charged an additional fee as follows:

Working days prior to actual reservation Additional charge per bus
5 $40.00
4 $80.00
3 $120.00
2 $160.00
1 $200.00

Changes to a Reservation

Any changes to a reservation that occur less than five business days prior to an event will be charged $25.00 per change.  These changes include but are not limited to any change that affects driver and/or bus type (i.e. change of pick up time or location, upgrading to larger bus size, etc.)


Charged a two-hour minimum plus actual driver time.

Weather Cancellations:

Cancellations due to inclement weather as agreed upon by transportation authority will be at no charge.


All airport shuttles to DIA will be routed via the NWP/E-470 toll roads and charged $30.00 each way.

Bus Charter Reservation Form:

CU Alumni need to complete the online Alumni Eligibility Form in order to qualify for the alumni charter rates.
12345 or moreN/A
B30 - up to 25 passenger bus
B30SPL - up to 19 passenger bus
B40 – up to 36 passenger bus
B60 - up to 54 passenger bus
Ground Coordinator
e.g. drop off only, dress code for driver, lunch for driver included, etc.