Please complete the form below to request a charter bus or to request a chauffeur/driver. Requesting a charter does not guarantee we can accommodate the request. We will review the request and contact you regarding your charter request. Please do not include confidential information on this form. A Transportation Services employee will contact you for I/N, check or Speedtype information and to confirm the reservation.

Charter Bus Hourly Rates July 2022 - June 2023

Bus size Passenger seats External[1,4] CU staff & alumni[2,4] Internal[3]
30' up to 25 $128.00/hr $115.50/hr $108.75/hr
30' special up to 19 $119.75/hr $108.25/hr $102.25/hr
40' up to 36 $152.00/hr $137.00/hr $130.25/hr
60' up to 54 $159.00/hr $146.50/hr $136.50/hr
  • All charter bus rentals require a 3 hour minimum rental period.
  • All 30', 40' and 60' buses are ADA accessible and will accommodate up to 2 mobility aids. 

[1] External customers are non-university affiliated individuals or groups.

[2] CU staff and alumni reserving charter buses for private, non-university affiliated functions. CU alumni will need to complete the online Alumni/Staff/Faculty Eligibility form.  CU staff can verify eligibility with an employee ID number.

[3] University-affiliated customers paying with a CU SpeedType qualify for the internal rate.

[4] External customers and CU alumni and staff will also need to sign the Buff Bus Charter Contract after your reservation is approved (click to preview/sign via DocuSign).

Other Fees and Charges

  • A ground coordinator is required for all events using five or more buses or if Transportation Services determines one may be needed.  There is a three hour minimum charge.  Pricing is $62.25/hour for external customers, $57.50/hour for CU staff and alumni and $50.25/hour for internal customers paying with a SpeedType.
  • Express Toll charges from Boulder to DIA are $25 each way (flat fee, per bus).
  • Other tolls and parking fees are billed according to exact charges incurred.
  • Pre- and post-trip inspections are required by DOT regulations.  A 60 minute pre-trip and 60 minute post-trip inspection will be performed and automatically added on to each charter bus trip.

Premium Service Fees:

Late Reservations/Cancellations:

Cancellations made six working days or less will be charged a minimum fee as follows:

Working days prior to, or including, actual reservation Minimum charge
5 and 6 days prior 1 hour
3 and 4 days prior 2 hours
Day of, 1 and 2 days 3 hours

Reservations made five working days or less will be charged an additional fee as follows:

Working days prior to actual reservation Additional charge per bus
5 $40.00
4 $80.00
3 $120.00
2 $160.00
1 $200.00

Changes to a Reservation

Any changes to a reservation that occur less than five business days prior to an event will be charged $25.00 per change.  These changes include but are not limited to any change that affects driver and/or bus type (i.e. change of pick up time or location, upgrading to larger bus size, etc.)


Charged a two-hour minimum plus actual driver time.

Weather Cancellations:

Cancellations due to inclement weather as agreed upon by transportation authority will be at no charge.


All airport shuttles to DIA will be routed via the NWP/E-470 toll roads and charged $25.00 per trip.

Bus Charter Reservation Form:

CU Alumni need to complete the online Alumni Eligibility Form in order to qualify for the alumni charter rates.
12345 or moreN/A
B30 - up to 25 passenger bus
B30SPL - up to 19 passenger bus
B40 – up to 36 passenger bus
B60 - up to 54 passenger bus
Ground Coordinator
e.g. drop off only, dress code for driver, lunch for driver included, etc.