Resource for Boulder Campus Property Managers

*DPM Session 2 "How to dispose of your property properly" for CU Boulder Campus Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

*DPM Session 3 will be hosting a session on Nov 30, 2017.

  • See training tab for more information.

The new site BUFF SURPLUS is here!

  • Go here to list your items that your department no longer needs
  • Go here to look for items your department could use
  • Go here to ask questions

Things to remember!

A department:

  • Cannot give/sell the item to faculty/staff. CU holds auctions to provide equal opportunity to purchase an item.
  • Cannot give/sell directly to a company/person/charity.(see above)
  • Cannot allow a transferring PI to take an item without permission from CU and acceptance of the item from the receiving institution.Legally, CU transfers the item to the receiving institution not the PI.

Purchasing/Receiving Capital Equipment

Tracking/Maintenance of Tagged Equipment

  • Cannibalization is when a dept disassembles a tag and uses the pieces for other uses.

  • Impaired: Equipment no longer used for intended purpose due to reduced functionality.

Office of Contracts & Grants

  • Forms Link takes you to OCG's webpage for property.

Property Disposal/Transfers/Donations off campus

Would you like 'read only' access to PeopleSoft Asset Management?

PSAM allows you to query your departmental assets to review their tag#, location, funding source, responsible person, etc. It's a great way to manage your assets and reduce your biennial inventory headaches. Contact Jeanne @ 2-2424 to get you started.