Department Property Management Training

  • Session I: General Overview
  •  Hosted by Campus Controller's Office CCO will be:
    • March 3, 2022 from 1:30 to 3pm via Zoom. 
    • This session covers:
      • Inventory system and process, which will be presented at the beginning of the session (so please attend to learn about the new system/process even if you have already completed the DPM trainings).   
      • Also covered will be guidelines and best practices relating to purchasing, tagging, inventorying, updating location, transfer, and surplusing capital equipment ($5,000+).
    • To register please click the Skillsoft link and enroll (you will receive the zoom link once you enroll).


  • Session II: Processing Surplus Property
    • The Surplus Property training course is the second part of Property Accounting's three part certification series. This section of the course will cover university policy with regard to surplus property disposals and transfer of assets to entities outside of the university. The course provides an overview of CU Boulder’s Surplus Property Disposal policy and process, as well as providing details on use of the software.
    • This a self-paced online course which ensures that users have the ability to learn the process and software throughout the year as needed.
    • Resources on our Surplus Property training page are available for reference throughout the year.
    • To request access to the course please email


  • Session III: Managing Sponsored Project Property (eCourse)
  • The Sponsored Project Property training is offered by the Office of Contracts and Grants and is available in an e-Course format for self-paced completion.
  • Intended Audience: This training is intended for all campus staff who assist with sponsored project property administration and management.
  • Course Description: Is your department acquiring or managing sponsored project property? Are you looking to develop a toolkit of property resources to rely on beyond an online course? This self-paced eCourse, hosted by the Office of Contracts and Grants, covers administrative topics throughout the lifecycle of sponsored project property and provides participants with the context and resources needed to be responsible stewards of sponsored project property. In each lesson, participants will have the opportunity to bookmark resources and apply the concepts covered in this course by engaging in interactive scenarios and activities.  The course is focused on managing property purchased on sponsored awards. A general overview of the topics covered in this session are: terms and conditions, basic roles and responsibilities, acquisition, managing sponsor titled property, various titles to equipment, reporting, inventory and disposition process.
  • If you have questions regarding this training, contact Penny Mathews, Property Compliance Officer at
  • Canvas Registration for OCG eCourses
  • eCourse Registration: Click on this link to self-register: Once you are registered in this Canvas course, you will have access to all OCG eCourses
  1. Click Enroll in Course
  2. Then click Go to the Course
  3. Once you are on the home screen of the course, click the course you would like to access.
  4. Then click Load [Course Name] in a new window
  5. The course will then appear in a new tab added to your browser. Click Start Course to begin.
  6. To return to Canvas to continue your progress at any time, bookmark this link: and use your IdentiKey credentials to log into your account.

Completion of all three sessions will lead to a Departmental Property Manager (DPM) certification if completed within two years. Training and certification is sponsored by CCO, OCG, and Property Services.

Upon the completion of all three sessions, there will be a meeting held with participants and the Department Management Training teams to answer follow up questions and discuss receiving the certificate. 


To Date, 60+ DPMs have attended all 3 sessions and became certified as Departmental Property Managers: If you missed one or two of the 3 sessions last year and would like to complete the certification process this year, just let us know when you register. CCO is tracking attendance and uploading the attendance into the MyCUinfo training. You can keep track of your progress there.

Overall Numbers To Date: 328 attendees (194 unique attendees) for the 11 sessions held since December 2010. The goal is to certify the 159 staff who have property roles within their department but all staff are welcome to come and learn about the exciting world of property management. It sounds so simple till you get into the details!

159 Departmental Property Managers manage ~$500,000,000 of capital campus assets! For most, DPM duties are in the ‘Not Elsewhere Classified’ category of the PDQ. It can be tough if you do not know where to go for assistance and so OCG, Property Services, and CCO developed this training program to help. Contact: or 303-492-2424 if you have any questions.