Mike Soltys
Teaching Professor • Associate Faculty Director for Undergraduate Curriculum

DLC 174

Mike Soltys is a Teaching Associate Professor for the Integrated Design Engineering program. Mike has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Clemson University, and a PhD in Civil engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder, where Mike’s research focused on fluid dynamics.

Mike is passionate about engineering education, and has taught engineering design in First-Year Engineering Projects (GEEN 1400), Engineering Projects for the Community (GEEN 2400), Thermodynamics (GEEN 3852), Statics (GEEN 3851), Engineering Explorations through Physics (GEEN 1010), and Theoretical Fluid Mechanics (CVEN 3313). 

Mike was recently selected as the 2023 winner of the Charles A. Hutchinson Memorial Teaching Award by CU's College of Engineering & Applied science.

Mike is currently the co-PI for an NSF grant related to TeachEngineering, a project to provide free, standards-aligned, hands-on engineering curricula for K-12 STEM teachers.

Dr. Soltys' office is located along the bridge between the ITLL and the DLC (last office on the north end of the bridge).

Read more about Dr. Soltys and his work on his personal website.

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