Information about the review process for the 2023 AGeS-Grad application cycle is in the 2023 AGeS-DiG Review Context Statement.

Awardee(s) Proposal Title Institution
Maximilian Ehrenfels Bridging the Geoscience Gap: South Texas Undergrads Uncover the Great Unconformity Using Zircon Laser-Ablation (U-Th)/He University of Texas at Austin
Lauren Harrison Undergraduates Drill into a Caldera: Dating Yellowstone Rhyolites using the Stanford-USGS SHRIMP-RG Colorado State University
Susana Henriquez Mentoring and training undergraduate students in thermochronology by investigating the cooling record of the collapse of the Mongol-Okhotsk Belt California State University, San Bernardino
Mark Holland Discerning timescales of anorthosite petrogenesis in the Adirondack Highlands, NY with inclusive field and geochronologic practices St. Lawrence University
Barbara Klein Ongoing Student Outreach Thermochronology Projects at Diné College and Chinle Junior High School, The Navajo Nation Dine College
Nate Onderdonk Testing the utility of luminescence dating for marine terraces in southern California California State University, Long Beach
Eric Portenga Metro to Moraine: Individualized geochronology research experiences in southeast Michigan for two undergraduate students from underrepresented groups Eastern Michigan University
Aislin Reynolds Developing a research exchange for students in Northeast India to learn fission track thermochronology Georgia Institute of Technology
Alexander Tye Building belonging in geochronology through a multi-institution, cohort research experience testing the fluvial response to Rio Grande Rift evolution Utah Tech University

Information about the review process for the 2022 AGeS-Grad application cycle is in the 2022 AGeS-DiG Review Context Statement.

Awardee(s) Proposal Title Institution
Christopher Bailey Cracking open Rodinia—engaging underrepresented students in U-Pb geochronology to better understand Iapetus rifting in the central Appalachians College of William & Mary
Jaclyn Baughman and Melanie Michalak An undergraduate cohort thermochronology research and mentorship experience documenting Northern California’s response to Eocene Siletzia accretion California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt
Isabella Bennett Authentic Undergraduate Geochronology Research (AUGR) University of Vermont
Kevin Konrad Three-phases of 40Ar/39Ar geochronology research into ancient marine volcanoes University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Lyman Persico A project focused on landscape evolution and climate change to introduce research to first-year students from underrepresented backgrounds Whitman College
Darryl Reano GeoConnections 2 (GC2) Arizona State University