There are many certificates offered in the College of Arts & Sciences which are a great way for students to enrich their studies by taking a variety of courses focused on a more specific topic. As PSCI majors, students are advantaged in pursuing some of these certificates since they either require specific PSCI courses or encourage them as electives.

Offered through the Program in International Affairs (IAFS), CEUS allows students to understand the EU from a wide array of perspectives. Upon completion of this program, students will have a demonstrated understanding of the European Union; its politics, history, institutions, economics, policies, member states, relations with the US, role in the world, and much more.

PSCI eligible courses include: 2012, 3143, 4002, 4062, 4302, & much more

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The PACS certificate is designed to offer an interdisciplinary approach to understanding conflict, and gives students the ability and tools necessary to deal with conflict big and small and to improve collaboration.

PSCI eligible courses include: 3031, 3123, 4341, 4193, & much more 

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CEES is an interdisciplinary certificate which offers students the opportunity to study Central and Eastern Europe in greater detail. Upon completion of certificate requirements, students will understand the history, politics, language, literature, and culture of Russia, Central and Eastern Europe.

PSCI eligible courses include: 3022, 3062, 4002, 4062, 4213

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The undergraduate certificate in Public Health encourages students to extend the breadth of their undergraduate education to include elements of public health. Students are encouraged to take courses from a variety of participating departments to develop an appreciation of the interdisciplinary nature of public health.

PSCI eligilbe courses include: 2075, 4012

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The Arctic Studies certificate is an interdisciplinary certificate designed to broaden a student's understanding of the Arctic. It prepares students to address pressing environmental, political, and cultural issues in the far north.

PSCI eligible courses include: 2116, 3206

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CBIS offers students the ability, through interdisciplinary coursework, to understand in great detail Britain and Ireland. Students walk away with a solid understanding of British and Irish politics, literature, history, and culture. 

PSCI eligible courses include: 2004, 3172, 4002, 4213, 4302

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The Certificate in Global Environmental Affairs is offered jointly by the Program in International Affairs (IAFS) and the Program in Environmental Studies (ENVS). This certificate is open to all majors at CU-Boulder, and it links and develops knowledge of global environmental policies and practices. 

PSCI eligible courses include: 4012, 4732

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The certificate in western civilization allows students to focus their studies on the origins of western civilization and society. Students gain an understanding of Western culture, literature, history, and thought. 

PSCI eligible courses include: 2004

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The Undergraduate Certificate in Global Gender and Sexuality Studies provides students with an opportunity to study how individuals and groups from diverse gender, racial, ethnic, national, class and sexual backgrounds live in and engage with the world and how processes of global change affect gender relations locally, nationally and internationally.

PSCI eligible courses include: 4391

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The certificate in social innovation prepares students for working in fields whose primary mission is to improve the lives of society's most vulnerable and disadvantaged people. The program will teach students how to design and execute evidence-based strategies for advancing human welfare. 

PSCI eligible courses include: 2106, 3031, 3274, 4714

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The Animals and Society certificate builds on a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field devoted to the critical examination and evaluation of the relationships between humans and nonhuman animals, whether historical or contemporary, factual, fictional, or symbolic, beneficial or detrimental. The program requirements emphasize scholarship from the social sciences and humanities, but include elective options in the natural sciences.


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Some certificates are more inclusive of PSCI courses than others as pre-approved courses. Some programs are willing to approve additional courses not pre-approved for credit if applicable to the goals of the certificate. Students should consult certificate or program directors about the applicability of other PSCI courses.

Note: None of these certificates are managed or offered through the Political Science Department. All questions about course eligiblity, application, and completion should be directed to the specific program contacts and NOT to the PSCI department staff or its faculty (unless they are on a certificate committee or are the program director).