The PLC Writing Coach serves all the entire PLC community. The Writing Coach can set office hours that accomodate their school schedule but must fulfill the 6-8 in-person contact hours per week requirement. The other required hours are met by attendance at the Monday student staff meeting as well as attendance and participation in the academic team meeting each week. The Writing Coach can establish their own way to make and track appointments as well as follow-up appointments. In conjunction with the flow of the semester, the Writing Coach will experience times of little work, as well as times of high demand. It is very important that the Writing Coach is good at time management and balancing their own course work with the work it takes to help others improve their writing.

Specifically to a candidate for the job:

1) A writing coach should be an organized thinker. They must help people think through things in a reasonable and clear way. 

2) A writing coach should have general knowledge of writing in various disciplines. They should know basically how to write a lab report, cover letter, resume, philosophy paper, history paper, literary analysis, etc.

3) A writing coach should be friendly and easy to talk to. Mindful listening is a good skill for people in this role.

Previous work with peer editing is a must and employment in the CU Writing Center is a plus. Writing samples are required in the appilcation for this position and will be reviewed by the professional staff and the Academic Director.