Victoria Acuna
Ethnic Studies (BA), Education Policy (MA) • PLC 2017

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, I moved to Colorado to study Ethnic Studies (BA) and Education Policy (MA). As a member of the 2017 cohort, I have enjoyed experiences such as meeting some of my closest friends who are PLCers, and traveling to my father's home country of Chile, with my peers as part of PLC's Global Inquiry class. I have also learned so much about myself as a leader through my participation in PLC and the community. To me, leadership is transformative and centered around radical love for yourself, your community, and the issues you care about. It is also about being an agent of change. This is why I'm an Ethnic Studies/Education Policy major, as I believe in ensuring equitable education for all K-12 youth, especially youth of colour and queer youth, as well as the abolishment of the school-to-prison pipeline; education is a powerful tool that everyone has the right to. Aside from school, I'm also very passionate about music and performing, so I'm always looking for ways to contribute to the local music community.