Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator position works withing the External Engagement Team. This means that you will be working closely with the Recruitment & Selection team throughout the year, as well as the Fundraising and Donor Engagement Coordinators. As the Social Media Coordinator, you will be responsible for the PLC Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms, along with the writing of the PLC Now, student and alumni monthly featured interviews, and special media projects.  

  • Instagram is our main contact point for current students and it will be your responsibility to create content for, and post on the Instagram daily, as well as post stories updating PLCers on current events and reminders. Some examples of posts might be: senior and first year spotlights, event reminders, fundraising initiatives, and cool things that PLCers are doing. You will also use this platform to advertise for PLC especially around application season.
    • Note: We really want to expand our point of contact with PROSPECTIVE PLCers!
  • Facebook is the main point of contact for recently graduated alumni and parents. While the posts do not need to as frequent on this platform, it is important to post regularly to keep the community informed of all PLC events.
  • LinkedIn is the main point of contact for business connections and alumni; posts here are good when trying to reach the more professional audience.

Social Media is also responsible for the content and creation of a weekly PLC Now that is sent out to all current students from the CU EComm platform. This is created using a secure email portal that you will learn how to use if this is your responsibility. As the writer of the PLC Now, you are responsible for including events and opportunities submitted by staff, students, or community members. Additionally, each week you will need to find and highlight a campus lecture and a relevant leadership media piece to include in the spotlight section along with first year birthdays. 

In addition, Social Media contacts, coordinates, and writes the student and alumni feature each month that goes on the PLC website. This is a great opportunity to expand your network and make inter-cohort connections, but requires pre-planning as you will need to reach out to the featured community members at least a month in advance.

As social media coordinator you will be expected to work closely with Recruitment &Selection on Taste of PLC, interview days, and the application process. Additionally, you will work closely with Jessie and Aaron on advertising for events and connecting with students.

Lastly, most of the past social media coordinators have chosen to take on special projects such as graphic design, video production, and merchandise initiatives. While this is not required, it is a creative and special part of the job that allows to you to explore different elements of social media that interest you.

The ideal candidate(s) will have:

  • Experience with developing social media campaigns
  • Can demonstrate an understanding of how to seamlessly integrate various social media platforms
  • Graphic design experience in Photoshop and InDesign (preferred but not required)
  • Good writing skills - grammar, spelling, flow, etc.
  • Initiative and creativity - creating new media forms, products, campaigns without being tasked
  • Responsibility and tact - knowing what to post and what not to post

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Interview, write and submit the Featured Current Student and Featured Alumni on the website each month
  • PLC Now content editor - building weekly newsletter for distribution
  • Designing and compiling spring electronic community newsletter
  • Updating and improving the PLC Facebook page continually to keep content current. At least four posts a week with different goals according to posting schedule.
  • Communicating with all Class Coordinators and other PLC staff to post relevant and important events, reminders, etc. to drive attendance and community bonding.
  • Creating publishable content for PLC students, alumni, staff/faculty
  • Graphic design skills a plus but not required - image editing and creation
  • Other duties as assigned, including student staff support
  • Contribute to the Social Media Training Handbook
  • Take photos at PLC events and post to Facebook in timely fashion

What you’ll learn in the position:

  • Time management skills
  • Social media planning and implementation
  • Communication skills
  • Writing, editing skills
  • Proprietary software publishing skills