The Service Coordinator is in charge of mobilizing the PLC community around our program pillar of service. The Service Coordinator needs to be a master of communication, delegation, trust in your peers, gauging engagement, and pivoting when needed. This person communicates with shareholders and community partners to arrange semester, year-long, or one-time volunteer activities for PLC students. Additionally, the Service Coordinator recruits volunteer team leads for each service partner to help with engagment, communication, and tracking of volunteer hours with each particular partner. Below are current service partners with which PLC coordinate with, however, service partners can change and new relationships can be established with the guidance of the Service Coordinator. This position can be very demanding and calls for a good delegator. This person fulfills their weekly hours by attending and participating at the weekly PLC student staff meeting, as well as the External Team weekly meeting.

  • Buffalo Bicycle Classic
  • PB n' Luvin
  • Family Learning Center
  • Active Minds