The PLC academic curriculum is designed intentionally to encourage students to explore different levels of their own leadership and that of those around them.  The desired order of course sequence is as follows: PRLC 1810, PRLC 1820, PRLC 2820 or ENLP 3100, PRLC 3810 or PRLC 3800, LEAD 4000 (optional for PLC- required for LSM).  All PRLC courses are required of PLC scholars.

To maintain the integrity and rigor of the program, and the leadership education and development intended for all PLC scholars, a new policy for substituting a course through petition has been implemented.

Please email and meet with PLC Academic Director Dr. JulieMarie Shepherd Macklin if you are planning to take one of the following courses so we can track your completion and so the course can be reviewed against PLC learning standards and outcomes.

Substitute Course PLC Multi Level requirement

LSM "Foundational" requirement

PLC Global requirement LSM "Context" requirement
ORGN 3030 petition x    
ENLP 3000 petition petition    
ENLP 3100 x x    

PRLC 4010R

x x    
AIRR 4010     petition x
ETHN 3671     petition x
PSCI 3163     petition x
PSCI 4012     petition x
GEOG 4712     petition x
IAFS 4500     petition petition
CESR 4005     petition petition
PSCI 4995* taken through UCD   x petition

As of January 17, 2017 there is a new policy in place for students to substitute an alternative course for the required courses in the PRLC curriculum with a course petition.  If you cannot take the prescribed PRLC courses, or one of the courses listed above, you must petition the course to PLC and the LSM (if you are pursuing the minor). The new policy will require students to provide specific documentation and reasoning for alternative courses.