The PLC Ambassadors are on the Recruitment & Selection team. These two student staff members work with the primary goals of diversifying the applicant pool for the annual PLC application process. As an effort to increase our inclusive excellence as a program that is integral to the make-up of the greater campus community, the PLC Ambassadors strive to find pockets of applicants that are not "typical" PLC recruits, may not have heard of PLC from counselors or friends, and/or attend high schools that are out of the reach of CU's typical marketing. The pair of ambassadors have the ability to set their own goals and calendar of outreach with the help of the Director of Recruitment & Selection and the professional staff supervisor. PLC Ambassadors must make successful outreach attempts to at least 3 high schools, organizations, etc. that do not get high levels of PLC attention in any given recruitment cycle. They make personal connections with contacts and students, make visits, tell their PLC stories, and answer questions about applying to, and participating in PLC. This position is particularly demanding in the fall semester, however, spring semester requires work to refine the job practices for the following recruitment cycle.