PLC 1995

Boulder native Paul Zeckser was convinced that he would leave Colorado for college until he attended PLC’s admitted students lecture. The energy in that room and the guidance of then-director Adam Goodman sold Paul on the program and on CU. He says that from the bus ride up to first year orientation, he loved every minute of PLC. As a second year, Paul and his friend Corey decided PLC should get into the business of playing capture the flag on Norlin quad at night. They gathered a group of first and second years and made a grand entrance on Corey’s motorcycle, decked in camouflage and war paint, which Paul admits would probably more frightening than fun today. After his illustrious, athletic start in PLC leadership, Paul went on to serve on student staff in Recruitment and Selection.

After college, Paul sacrificed his temporary dream of teaching scuba diving lessons to work and take part in a fellowship at El Pomar Foundation. As an employee there, Paul was part of creating the Colorado Leadership Alliance and organizing its first conference at the Broadmoor hotel. After his time with El Pomar, Paul went to business school in Maryland and then became the Sales Strategy Manager for a technology start-up in Boston, where he would sign up new corporate clients and consult on web metrics. He liked that their organization was occupying a unique space in the market. Now, Paul is the Director of Customer Strategy at HomeAdvisor in Denver. He is energized by his coworkers and his company’s ability to do “something for the first time that no one else or few others have done” that will create “a lot of value for multiple stakeholders.”

Outside of work, Paul uses his business experience to advise nonprofits like Colorado’s workforce development council and spends time with his wife and three kids. He has two sons and a daughter, whom he describes as “a combination of Captain Marvel and a ninja and an artist.”