Jordan Lee
PLC 2019 • Linguistics, Geography

My name is Jordan, and I am in the 2019 PLC Cohort. While I am still parsing out what leadership means to me, I believe that transparency, authenticity, and accountability help us be more receptive to criticism, reflection, and ultimately growth, which encourages an environment that encourages positive change. As a person with a double-hypenated ethnicity, Japanese-Korean-American, language has played a large role in shaping my identity. So, I'm studying linguistics and geography to better understand the way that language and its use shapes our world and our places in it, and how language can both facilitate and hinder effective communication. PLC provides a space to think about these ideas in a context outside of my major courses, and I have made some truly incredible relationships with PLCers - one of whom I will be living with this year! In my spare time, you can find me trying a new recipe, making a linocut print, or binging the latest TV tragicomedy.