Core Community

Being on a large, state-school campus can be intimidating without a supportive and inspirational community to belong to. At CU Boulder, the Presidents Leadership Class provides this community for the approximately 200 student members of the program. This core community makes the large campus feel more intimate and individualized - our students get personalized and directed attention and support starting their first day on campus. We excel at providing a rich first year experience full of courses, experiential learning, community activities, and dedicated staff/faculty support that welcomes and leads our students into college. It is primarily the first year experience of freshmen in PLC that creates for them a strong connection to the program, the university, their peers, and to their education.

Below is a list of everything that we do as a program to enhance the First-Year PLC experience. Students are not required to do every activity or take advantage of each and every resource, but we pride ourselves on providing ample opportunity for every member of PLC to feel fully integrated into the program and the university within their first year.