The Experiential Weekend Coordinators design and implement the Experiential Weekend program for PLC. The two positions will require some work over the 2019 summer to produce the briefing materials for the 2019-20 Experiential Weekends. The Experiential Weekend team organizes two-day interactive leadership exploration programs in which PLC scholars meet with top industry leaders. Weekend Coordinators recruit potential speakers, arrange appropriate logistics, support and train weekend trip leaders, and, in doing so, create an extensive network ranging from CEOs, military leaders, trauma surgeons, and district attorneys. Top candidates will be good communicators, team players, excited about PLC and focused off-site learning opportunities, interested in outreach, highly self-motivated and have a desire to learn about planning, networking, and managing a budget.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Identifying Experiential Weekend topics with counterparts prior to summer 2019
  • Designing, coordinating, implementing and attending four (4) Experiential Weekends (to include identifying, contacting, and organizing speakers and site-visits)
  • Ensuring a tight integration between the academic and experiential programs, and delivering high-quality, well-organized, innovative site visits and speakers
  • Ensuring appropriate contact and follow-through (e.g. thank you cards) with experiential program providers such as weekend hosts and speakers
  • Developing briefing materials for students to use in preparation for program activities - readings, questions, post trip reflections
  • Tracking and reviewing attendance and post-trip assignments
  • Working with professional staff to track experiential programming-related expenditures
  • Holding weekly office hours with your staff counterpart. (~4 hours/week)
  • Attending weekly student staff meetings (Mondays 12-1)
  • Performing other duties as assigned, including staff support for orientation activities, off-campus programs, and admissions programming

What you’ll learn in the position:

  • Outreach skills
  • Flexibility, adaptability to fast changing plans
  • Project management skills
  • Budget planning and accountability
  • Exceptional networking skills
  • Communication, public speaking, and community relations skills

(Note that, depending on your ability to stay organized, work efficiently as a team, and stay on top of your goals, this position can require some weeks of over 10-15 hours.  At times the responsibilities of this position can be very time-consuming.  Please take this into account when deciding to apply.)