You are uniquely positioned to declare, complete, and earn a Leadership Studies Minor at CU Boulder.  The LSM is housed within and administerd by the School of Education. Questions concerning the minor should first be directed to Jessie Kasynski in the PLC office.  Please contact, the Director of the LSM, for additional information and inquiries.

Upon enrollment in PRLC 1810, you are already on the PLC pathway to the LSM.  However, you have the responsibility and option to declare the Leadership Studies Minor on your degree plan. The complete pathway is described below:

  • PRLC 1810: Leadership Foundations and Applications I – You will take this course as a substitute for LEAD 1000 (Becoming A Leader requirement).
  • PRLC 1820: Leadership Foundations and Applications II – Your second PLC course fulfills the Leadership Application elective.
  • PRLC 2820: Multi-Level Issues in Leadership / ENLP 3100 / PRLC 4010 (CU in DC Science Policy) – To fulfill the Leadership Foundations elective.
  • PRLC 3810: Global Issues in Leadership / PRLC 3800 / PSCI 4995 (CU Denver and GLI) – These courses fulfill the Leadership in Context elective
  • LEAD 4000: Leadership Capstone – This is the final course you will take to complete the minor.  You will draw from your previous leadership lessons, synthesize new leadership strategies, and complete a culminating leadership challenge with a group of LSM students from across campus and outside of PLC.

  • Co-curricular/Experiential Learning Requirement: As a PLC student you will fulfill the LSM co-curricular requirement very easily.  By simply completing your two Applied Leadership Experiences and the associated documentation, you will have completed this piece of the minor.

  • Leadership ePortfolio: You will complete a Leadership ePortfolio as part of your LEAD 4000 course. There are no longer pre-LEAD 4000 requirements for the ePortolio, nor do you need to do additional entries for electives after LEAD 4000.

          *To unenroll in the Leadership Studies Minor email