As the Chief of Staff you will serve as a contact point and bridge between, the Director of Student Staff, the student staff, and the professional staff. The Chief of Staff works in two areas: 1) Work with and gauge the pulse of the student staff to provide resources, support, and feedback as needed, and 2) Help the Director of Student Staff plan, develop and execute on the goals of each semester.

Additionally, the Chief of Staff is the lead for all of the team leads. The Chief of Staff drafts the agenda of Team Lead meetings and runs it by the Director and each team lead before meetings. Additionally, the Chief of Staff facilitates the weekly team lead meeting by maintaining a time schedule, a topic agenda, and assigns a note taker. Notes and meeting minutes will be reviewed and cleaned by the Chief of Staff and sent to the greater student staff for greater transparency and shared communication.

The role itself is very flexible and will continue to be defined by the needs of the student staff and the Director of Student Staff.