Most Common Questions About Applying to PLC

Should I apply for PLC? Am I the right kind of student for PLC?

You should apply to PLC if you are driven, conscientious and ambitious, both in the classroom and in the community.  If you are academically motivated, seek & commit to community involvement, and have leadership potential yet to be tapped, you are a perfect fit for PLC.

How do I find the PLC application?

The PLC application is available through the CU Boulder General Scholarship application.  You must submit the general application and then proceed to the PLC application under “Our Opportunities.”  If the PLC application is not recommended to you in the system, please search for the Presidents Leadership Class application with the search function.

When is the PLC application due?

All parts of the PLC application are due on FEBRUARY 15th.  The online application must be submitted via CU Boulder Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.

What is required for the application?

To successfully complete the PLC application you must complete:

1. CU Boulder General Scholarship application
2. Presidents Leadership Class opportunity application

  • Three custom short-answer essays
  • One counselor reference for high school program rigor and school profile (please notify your counselor and get the spelling correct for their email)
  • One teacher/coach/advisor/mentor/boss online form recommendation and additional letter upload (please notify your recommendor and get the spelling correct for their email)
  • URL of uploaded personal, creative/notable achievement (use platform for free)


Is there a GPA requirement for PLC? ACT/SAT score requirement?

We do not have a GPA or ACT/SAT score requirement to apply for PLC, but once you are in the program, you must maintain a 3.0 or better to receive scholarships from the program.

Do I have to know if I have been accepted into CU Boulder before I start my PLC application?

No, you can and should apply to PLC even if you do not know your admission status with the university.  However, there are extra steps you will need to take if you are yet to be admitted:

  • Fill out and submit a "Request to Access Scholarship Application Form"
  • Receive an email with your new CU Boulder Student ID #
  • Receive an email allowing you to activate your CU Boulder Identikey (username) with your new SID#
  • With Identikey, log into your MyCUInfo portal
  • Access the scholarship application


When do I find out if I get invited to interview for PLC?

You will be notfied, via email, between Feb. 10-12th if you have been invited to interview.

When and where are PLC interviews? Is the interview required?

PLC Interviews will take place in three locations this year (possibly a 4th if needed):

  • CU Boulder campus (UMC) - TBD
  • Boettcher Foundation (Denver) - TBD
  • El Pomar Penrose House (Colorado Springs) - TBD
  • Grand Junction area location TBD (only if needed)
When do I find out my selection status?

You will be notified if you have been invited to join PLC between April 1st-4th.

There are three categories of selection status: Offered, Alternate, Declined.

Can I be involved with other top scholar programs if I am part of PLC?

If you are admitted into PLC, you can also participate in other talented scholar programs on campus, except for Norlin Scholars (until your junior year).  We routinely have students in Honors, Leeds Scholars, Boettcher Scholars, Engineering Honors, Engineering Leadership Program, BOLD, etc.

Is PLC a RAP (Residential Academic Program)? Do I have to live in a specific dorm with PLC students?

No, PLC is not a RAP, and you are not required to live with PLC students in a specific dorm.  You can be in any of the RAPs on campus. Many PLC students are in the Honors RAP (Smith Hall) and EHP -Engineering Honors Program (Andrews Hall) .

How much is the PLC scholarship?

PLC scholars receive a $1,000 merit scholarship their freshman year ($500/semester) only. 

Following your first year, there are no automatic scholarships awarded. However, there are many scholarships available to PLC students. Our scholarships page lists all of the available scholarships for PLCers.

How do I get help with the PLC application?

For help with the application (system) contact Scholarship Services at CU Boulder: 303-492-5091.

For questions specifically about PLC, contact the Manager of Student Affairs, Jessie Kasynski: