NOTE: This page is archived. It is no longer being maintained or updated and information may not be accurate or complete.

Got a TA assignment, and looking for some ideas to help you out? Here are some tips, and ideas, to help smooth your transition from student to teacher.

John Taylor's teaching tips: A "top 10 list": short, sweet, and important!

Steve Pollock's teaching tips: 3 pages, breezy and readable, aimed at common TA duties here at CU.

Physics Education workshop: 8 pages, a little stiffer. This is not just "teaching tips" - it's a first guide to some deeper ideas about teaching as a scholarly activity (and the research behind it).

The Graduate Teacher Program (GTP): An option for further graduate teacher training.  (Workshops, lead TA positions, and more) 
They also have a teaching certificate program, something that might be quite helpful for your vita if you're thinking about a faculty position some day. Check them out.

Associated with CU, but a national scale program, visit CIRTL (Center for integration of research in teaching and learning) This is a graduate student organization, focused on science/math/engineering in particular, with lots of good tips, webinars, and networking opportunities.

References and further reading: Just a few links to get you going if you'd like to learn more about physics education research, and how it applies to classroom teaching.