NOTE: This page is archived. It is no longer being maintained or updated and information may not be accurate or complete.

The members of the PER@C develop, employ and study a variety of resources for educators, graduate students, and researchers.

Brownbags in Education: an informal program for CU physics faculty to discuss issues in education.

Local Course Materials: Course materials from CU Boulder - includes concept tests, exams, syllabi and more for lower division and upper division physics courses.

Faculty Resources: a suite of resources for faculty interested in transforming their classes with PER methods. 

PFPF: Initially part of the national PFF program, a program directed for grad students to develop the broad suite of skills for duties/ opportunities that await them beyond grad school.

PhysTEC: is a collaborative program designed to simultaneously promote course transformaion at CU and recruit, prepare, and support the development of future physics teachers.

The Reforms Tabs: lists a number of the reforms we employ and study in undergraduate physics (e.g., clickers in the classroom, new courses in PER, etc)

The Colorado SEI physics page This contains many resources from the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative, specifically targeting upper-division physics courses.

STEMclickers: Colorado resources including written guides and short videos to help get instructors starting using Clickers and peer instruction in classrooms.STEM-CO/ LA-TEST program: a larger cross disciplinary program which PhysTEC partners with. LA-TEST specifically researches the impact of the Learning Assistant model on undergraduates (to become teachers, develop deeper content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge etc)

TA Resources: a suite of resources for graduate students as they engage in teaching assistant duties.