Current Group Members

PhotoNameContact Information
Mike Bennett Mike Bennett
Research Associate, JILA PFC Director of Educational Outreach and Research • Informal Physics Education and PISEC Program
Department of Physics • JILA
"" Daniel Bolton
Instructor of Physics • Teaches large-enrollment intro physics at CU
Department of Physics
Victoria Borish headshot Victoria Borish
Department of Physics • JILA
Giaco Corsiglia with a pig Giaco Corsiglia
PhD Student • Mid- and upper-division student problem solving
CU Department of Physics
Nate Crossette headshot Nate Crossette
Graduate student • Student reasoning in thermodynamics • Network analysis
CU Department of Physics
Melissa Dancy Melissa Dancy
Research Faculty • Educational Transformation, Faculty Development and Gender/Race Studies
Department of Physics • Center for STEM Learning
Michael Dubson
Senior Instructor • Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies • PhET software developer • Departmental fire suppression specialist
Department of Physics
Brett Fiedler Brett Fiedler
PFC PISEC Coordinator • Post-doc • Informal physics education and PISEC program
JILA • Department of Physics
"" Noah Finkelstein
Professor • Theory and Practice in PER, drawing on socio-cultural perspectives
Department of Physics
303 735 6082
Michael Fox Michael Fox
Research Associate
Department of Physics • JILA • CUbit
"" Julian Gifford
Graduate Student • Student Reasoning in Quantum Mechanics
Department of Physics
"" Robert Hobbs
Senior Associate Professor • Learning in undergraduate laboratories
Bellevue College Department of Physics
Jessica Hoehn headshot Jessica Hoehn
Postdoc • Writing and epistemologies in lab classes • Student reasoning in quantum mechanics
Department of Physics • JILA
"" Alexandra (Allie) Lau
Graduate Student • Research on Faculty Development Programs
Department of Physics
Heather J. Lewandowski
Associate Professor of Physics • Fellow of JILA • Research on Labs and Experimental Physics
Department of Physics • JILA
Will Lindsay
Graduate Student • K-12 science education
School of Education
Josie Meyer headshot Josephine Meyer
Graduate student in physics • Quantum information science education
CU Department of Physics
Khadijih Mitchell Khadijih Mitchell
PhD Student • K-12 Physics Education/Higher Ed.
School of Education
"" Valerie Otero
Professor, Executive Director of Learning Assistant Program, Co-Director Center for STEM Learning • The Learning Assistant Program, Physics and Everyday Thinking High School, Center for STEM Learning
Learning Assistant Program • School of Education
Alanna Pawlak Alanna Pawlak
Research Associate • Departmental Change in Higher Education • Collaborative Learning in Introductory Physics
Center for STEM Learning
Kathy Perkins
Associate Professor Attendant Rank, Director of PhET Interactive Simulations • PhET simulations, Course reform, Institutional change
Department of Physics
Ben Pollard Benjamin Pollard
Research Associate • Post-doc, Physics laboratory education
Department of Physics
"" Steven Pollock
Professor of Physics • PER research, with a focus on student learning in upper-division
Department of Physics
Katie Rainey holding and looking down lovingly at a sloth Katherine (Katie) Rainey
Graduate student • Assessment in physics
CU Department of Physics
"" Julian Stenzel Martins
PhD Student • Student group dynamics in inquiry-based physics education
School of Education
Mike Vignal
Postdoc • Physics Education Research
CU Department of Physics
253 579 6293
Alex Werth Alexandra Werth
CU Department of Physics
(609) 651-7643
Bethany Wilcox Bethany Wilcox
Assistant Professor of Physics • Mathematical problem solving in physics • Scalable and flexible assessment models
CU Department of Physics

Affiliate Group Members

PhotoNameContact Information
"" Stephanie Chasteen
Research Associate • Institutional, departmental & faculty change research
Center for STEM Learning
Susan Chipman
Retired Federal Manager of Cognitive Science Research • Cognitive scientist who managed much research relevant to science education, including early NIE-NSF program
CU Denver Department of Psychology
"" Claudia Fracchiolla
Research Associate • Informal Physics Education Research
Center for STEM Learning • University College Dublin
"" Jean Hertzberg
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering • Using aesthetics for affective domain gains. CIRTL and APS DFD education-related work.
CU Department of Mechanical Engineering
303 817 0967
Seth Hornstein
Senior Instructor • Director of Sommers-Bausch Observatory • Astronomy education research
Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
"" Briana Ingermann
Education Programs Manager • Informal astronomy education and education research
Fiske Planetarium
"" Edmond Johnsen
Education Technologist and Data Wrangler • Development, implementation, and analyses of education technology and learning.
Center for STEM Learning
Diana López Diana Berenice López Tavares
PhD Student • PhET Project and teacher PD
National Polytechnic Institute Mexico • Physics Education Department
Eilish McLoughlin Eilish McLoughlin
Associate Professor of Physics • Physics teacher education • Curriculum and assessment • Informal physics education
Dublin City University CASTeL/School of Physical Sciences
"" Emily B. Moore
Director of Research and Accessibility, PhET Interactive Simulations • PhET Interactive Simulations
Department of Physics
"" Robert Parson
Professor and Associate Chair, Chemistry and Biochemistry • Curricular design, chemistry education, PhET project and simulations
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry • JILA
303 492 7751
Ariel Paul
Director of Development • PhET Interactive Simulations project
Department of Physics
Claire Raftery Claire Raftery
Director of Education, Communications and Outreach • Solar physics education and engagement across lots of audiences
National Solar Observatory
Tamia Williams
Undergraduate Student • 2017 PER Intern • Arts Education and Physics Identity
Mount Holyoke College Department of Physics

Former Group Members

PhotoNameContact Information
Wendy Adams
Research Associate Professor • Assessment of problem solving, perceptions of physics, perceptions of teaching as a profession, simluations
Colorado School of Mines Department of Physics
Charlie Baily
Lecturer • Advanced undergraduate E&M; quantum ontologies
University of St Andrews
"" Dimitri R. Dounas-Frazer
Senior Research Associate • Upper-division physics labs; Diversity, equity, and inclusion in physics education
Department of Physics
Katie Hinko
Assistant Professor of Physics • Informal Physics Education Research
Michigan State University
"" Simone Hyater-Adams
Graduate Student • Physics and Racial Identity/Informal Science and Outreach Programs/ Arts and STEAM
ATLAS Institute
"" Chris Keller
Product Manager • Building better educational tools
Lab-Aids Inc.
"" Gina Quan
Research Associate • Departmental change in undergraduate STEM
Center for STEM Learning
"" Jacob Stanley
Post-doc researcher • Upper-division lab education, scientific documentation, experimental modeling
Department of Physics
Chandra Turpen
Research Assistant Professor • Faculty and Institutional Change, and Role of culture in learning science
University of Maryland College Park Department of Physics