Published: March 13, 2019

For many of us, life can sometimes get in the way of our daily routines and responsibilities. While at CU, students may encounter difficult circumstances, including prolonged illness or injury, a death of a friend or family member or other personal emergencies. These circumstances can come up unexpectedly and often affect the student’s academics and overall ability to be successful.

If your student is experiencing a difficult circumstance, we want to ensure you have resources to help support them.

Listen and offer encouragement

Everyone goes through difficult periods or unfortunate circumstances. It can be helpful for your student to find a space to share how they are feeling. Ask open-ended questions to give your student an opportunity to share their experiences. They may be worried about seeming like a burden or letting you down; let them know that everyone has struggles from time to time and you can work together to find solutions in overcoming barriers.

Working with faculty and staff

Encourage your student to work with faculty and staff to discuss options. Student Support and Case Management (SSCM) can also help students communicate with faculty to help in understanding what options are available, including using campus resources and identifying strategies for managing academic demands. This process not only helps minimize distress, but also teaches students how to manage unfortunate circumstances in the future.

Connecting with resources

When students are connected with the proper support resources, they can get back on track and persist in their academic journey. There are many campus resources available to support students, including:

SSCM can help students navigate and connect with those resources to support their health, wellness and academic success.

Work with Student Support and Case Management

If parents, family or friends are ever concerned about a student, SSCM is the best first point of contact. You can call 303-492-7348 or email, and learn more by visiting their website. If concerns are imminent risk to the health or welfare of the student, please call 911.