Per the CU Boulder Policy on Student International Travel and Programs, all CU Boulder-related international travel involving students to a country and/or area designated as a “High-Risk Location” is restricted and requires an appeal to the campus International Risk Committee for Student Travel for permission to travel. Submit all required paperwork three months prior to the desired departure date.

Find out if your destination is considered high-risk


High-Risk Location Appeal Process

High-Risk Location Appeals must be submitted three to six months in advance of travel. It is recommended to submit your High-Risk Location Appeal as early as possible, especially if your planned travel includes early deposits or other financial commitments. High-Risk Location Appeals follow this general process:

  1. Once it’s determined that an appeal is required for travel, Education Abroad will create an online appeal application for the group leader (or individual traveler). This application requires you to provide detailed information on the following:
    1. Travel itinerary
    2. On-site support and resources
    3. A Risk Management Plan
    4. Transportation logistics
    5. A communication plan
    6. Details on housing and accommodations
    7. An understanding of risks of the location and a rationale for travel to the location
  2. The International Risk Committee will review this appeal within four weeks of receiving all requested materials.
  3. Their decision and/or follow-up questions will be communicated to you via your CU email account.
  4. If approved, the group leader must acknowledge the terms of the appeal approval. The group leader must continue to monitor the on-site health, safety, and security conditions. Should conditions change, the group leader is responsible for notifying the IRC of changes.

Please note that the IRC may request an additional review of travel plans regardless of whether or not the location is considered to be high-risk. The IRC reserves the right to withdraw approval for international travel at any time based on changes in the security, health, or safety situation of a location.