At CU Boulder, students have several math courses to choose from, based on their intended major. While some courses do not require a prerequisite or prior math experience, others will require a math readiness test or the completion of prerequisite coursework.

We want to ensure that students are successful and prepared for the math courses in which they are enrolled. Incoming students planning to register for a precalculus or calculus course during their first year at CU will be asked to take a math readiness test. The test score will be combined with other information including high school transcripts and college entrance exam scores to place students in the appropriate course. Math placement procedures are different for incoming students and for continuing students. Please refer to the section below that corresponds to your status.

Incoming students wishing to enroll in a precalculus or calculus course during their first semester at CU must take the online Math Readiness Test. The test score will be combined with other student information (high school transcripts and college entrance exam scores) to generate one of three possible placements: Calculus, Precalculus, or Not Calculus/Precalculus. Results remain valid for one year.

Students are encouraged to review the study materials and work through a practice test before taking the actual test in a distraction-free environment. Please make note of the test conditions:

  • The 60-minute Math Readiness Test will consist of 40 multiple choice questions. Students interested in qualifying for Calculus must complete the entire test. Students interested in qualifying for Precalculus may submit the test after completing the first 20 questions. There will be only one correct answer per question. Partial credit will not be awarded.
  • The only resources allowed are pencils (or pens) and blank scratch paper. Books, notes, calculators, electronic devices, the internet, and other resources are not permitted.
  • For spring 2020 incoming students, it is preferred that you complete the exam as soon as possible after November 2. The date that you take the readiness exam could impact your ability to enroll in spring math courses. The latest the test can be completed is Wednesday, January 8. After that date, students who have not completed the math readiness test will be able to take a proctored on-site exam. You can find more information below. Please speak with your academic advisor if you have questions about this.
  • Test takers who require additional time to complete the test online due to a documented disability should visit Disability Services in the Center for Community, Room N220, email, or call 303-492-8671 prior to taking the readiness test. You will be asked to register for accommodations with Disability Services and provide the appropriate documentation. After you have received disability accommodations for extended time, it is extremely important that you contact before starting the test to activate additional time.
  • Important note: When you start the Math Readiness Test, you should plan to complete it in one sitting or your incomplete score will be submitted and you will be locked out. If that happens, contact

When you are ready, visit this site to take the online Math Readiness Test.

  1. Log in using your CU Identikey username and password.

  2. On the Enroll in CU Boulder Math Readiness Test page, click Enroll in Course, then Go to the Course.

  3. On the Canvas home page, select the course CU Boulder Math Readiness Test.

  4. Review the study materials and take the Practice Test.

  5. When you are ready, take the official Math Readiness Test.

After taking the Math Readiness Test, your placement will be available three business days following the test date. Students can view their placement results in Canvas under "Grades" or by going to MyCUHub.

Students who feel they have not been placed in the appropriate math eligibility category based on the Math Readiness Test may take an on-site proctored math placement test (see below) to demonstrate their math proficiency. This exam will be offered a few days prior to the start of spring semester classes. See additional information on this below, and on the New Student & Family Programs Website.

All incoming students who will be taking a precalculus or calculus 1 course at CU must complete the Math Readiness Test, with the following exceptions:

  • Successful completion of prerequisite coursework at the college level (either at CU Boulder or via approved transfer).
  • Successful completion of the AP Calculus AB or BC test with the requisite exam score.

All incoming Engineering students must complete the Math Readiness Exam regardless of previous math college credit (transfer, dual enrollment, AP/IB). Other students who meet these eligibility requirements, or those who are eligible for a higher level math course, are still asked to complete the Math Readiness Test to review the topics necessary for success in CU math courses. In these cases the readiness test will not impact your math class options.

All incoming students are encouraged to consult their academic advisors for help in selecting an appropriate math course.

Continuing CU Boulder students who do not have a Calculus or Precalculus placement, or those who would like to improve their placements, may take the on-site proctored math placement test on the following date: Friday, January 10th, 8 - 9:15 a.m. in GUGG 6. There is no fee to take this exam, but advance registration is required. Click here to register. Test results will be emailed by early afternoon.

Another option for continuing students is to take the proctored math placement test (for a $30 fee) at their convenience at Testing Services on East Campus. Please contact Testing Services for more information and to register. In the case of extreme financial hardship, contact Financial Aid to discuss options.

Test takers requesting more time due to a documented disability should contact or call 303-492-8671 or visit Disability Services in the Center for Community, N200, prior to taking the proctored exam.

Since results remain valid for only one year, students should take the proctored placement exam shortly before the semester in which they plan to take Precalculus or Calculus 1. The placement test may be taken at most once each month. Students are encouraged to prepare for the placement exam through self-study (see our preparation tips), at a community college, or through other options available to them. Sufficient independent preparatory work should be completed prior to a second attempt.

Results of the proctored placement test will be posted to Canvas under "Grades" and on MyCUHub. Students may need to work with their advisors to register for the math course into which they have been placed.

Students who do not have a Calculus or Precalculus placement, or those who would like to improve their placements, may take a proctored on-site math placement test to demonstrate sufficient proficiency in the topics necessary to be successful in precalculus or calculus at CU Boulder. The proctored test score determines the placement: Calculus, Precalculus, or Not Calculus/Precalculus.

For spring 2020, a proctored math placement test will be held on Friday, January 10, 8:00-9:15 am. There is no fee to take this exam, but registration is required. (Registration has closed.) Incoming students will receive an email invitation from New Student and Family Programs with information about registering for this test. You can find more information about placement assessments on the New Student & Family Programs Website. If you have questions about the on-site test, please contact

Still have questions? Check out the FAQs first, then email