In coordination with the Unified Student Experience project, in 2017 the Office of Undergraduate Education partnered with the Divisions of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management to embark on the Foundations of Excellence (FoE) initiative, a campus-wide effort to evaluate the first-year undergraduate experience. FoE is a process, provided and guided by the Gardner Institute, for engaging universities in an assessment, improvement planning, and change implementation process focused on the entirety of the first-year college experience.  

The Foundations of Excellence Advising Committee was specifically charged with “providing recommendations to the campus for the adoption of transformational recommendations to improve the first-year student experience that have been advanced by several key initiatives on our campus.”

The First-Year Experience Transition Committee provided an assessment of the financial, communications and personnel challenges and opportunities that would result from adoption of the Foundations of Excellence and RAP Task Force recommendations, as well as making recommendations for a plan that would facilitate the smoothest transition from our current state to the future state envisioned in the Foundations of Excellence and RAP Task Force reports, in support of the evolving Academic Futures vision.