The University of Colorado Boulder Advising Council serves to strengthen communication, collaboration, and coordination among advising units across campus. Council members advocate for and serve as a collective voice of student support staff within the advising community to convey ideas, information, insights, and suggestions to leadership, as needed, regarding the interests and concerns of the community.

Advising Council consists of advising and coaching representatives from advising units within every college, school, or program on campus. Council's Advisor is Dana Parcher, Program Director of Advisor Training and Development, and Council is sponsored by the Campus Advising Director, Scarlett Ponton de Dutton.

2020-2021 Advising Council Representatives:

Academic Coaching Brandy Monckton
Advising Help Lab Meagan Miller
College of Arts & Sciences  Charles Eagan, Jessica Baron
College of Engineering & Applied Science Alana Davis-Delaria, Andrew Borham
College of Media, Communication, and Information Bevin Gumm
College of Music Victoria Ibarra
Continuing Education Lindsey Vaughan*
Leeds School of Business Heidi Hulse
Program in Environmental Design Roberto DeMata
School of Education Israel Salazar
University Exploration & Advising Center Nelson Castro, Lauren Brown**

* = Advising Council Chair; ** = Advising Council Outgoing Chair