CU Boulder promotes and supports quality academic advising, coaching, and other student support services in order to enhance the experience and development of students. The CU Boulder Advising & Student Success Conference is one avenue for student success professionals across campus to build upon skills, gain knowledge, promote inclusivity, and collaborate with one another.

Hosted by the Office of Undergraduate Education, Advising Council, and other campus partners, the conference serves as an opportunity for professionals to engage in personal and professional development, the conference offers breakout sessions focused on theories, skills, and technologies that can be used to enhance practices across campus and maximize the success of our students.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2020


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Schedule & Sessions:

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Sessions during the Conference for Student Success and Advising may focus on:

  • Best practices, approaches, knowledge, skills, and concepts that help us when working with students
  • Trending practices, ideas, technology, or scholarship that enrich our profession or individual practice
  • Innovative ideas for supporting students in their endeavors
  • Providing professional development for advisors, coaches, and staff
  • Strategies, initiatives, or ways to enhance our advising community at CU Boulder

Campus Awards:

The CU Boulder Advising Council and the Office of Undergraduate Education strive to recognize the efforts that individuals, teams, or units make in providing excellent service in helping students achieve academic success. These individuals, groups, or programs demonstrate outstanding service, which can include a variety of methods or approaches, such as services supporting student learning and success, unique opportunities that encourage engagement, programs that promote growth and discovery, and/or initiatives aimed at improving wellness and connectedness.

Learn more about eligibility, criterion, and the selection process

See a list of previous award winners on the Office of Undergraduate Education's website. 

Award Categories: 
  • Outstanding New Academic Advisor

  • Outstanding Experienced Academic Advisor

  • Outstanding Academic Coach

  • Outstanding Administrator

  • Outstanding Advising Program

Award Winners:
  • All recipients will be honored at the awards ceremony held during the Conference for Student Success and Advising.
  • Individual winners receive a recognition plaque and monetary gift.
  • Program/team award winners will work with the Chair of Advising Council and the Associate Vice Provost for Advising and Exploratory Studies, Shelly Bacon, to provide the best recognition that may work for the team or unit. Certificates of Merit may be awarded to other nominees.
  • Not all categories are required to have a recipient every year.
  • Previous award winners within the last three years are not eligible.
Award nominations were due by January 17th, 2020 at noon. Nominations are now closed.