Campus in winter with students on pathBuff Portal Advising  (BPA) is a centralized, campus-wide, student data management and appointment system that helps academic advisors, academic coaches, and other student success staff take a more holistic approach to interactions and improves collaboration across campus as a student centered, support community.  Buff Portal Advising allows support staff to manage their student relationships, including reviewing student information, scheduling appointments, sending messages, and entering notes, by providing a robust set of tools that include:

  • Appointment calendaring and reservation system
  • Integrated notes and messaging platform
  • Outreach and course alerting information
  • Consolidation of student information from various campus systems

From the student perspective, BPA is the go-to online resource to connect with their Student Success Team member.


Buff Portal Advising launched five years ago and continues to evolve into a centralized campus-wide student engagement platform.  Since its debut, several enhancements have been developed with the platform to provide student success professionals with more robust tools for mass messaging, outreach, referrals, placement test results, BuffOne card Check In / Check Out processes for meetings, documentation of emails, and additional detailed reporting capabilities. Academic course alerts is the largest current initiative that continues to expand through the Buff Portal Advising platform.

Buff Portal Advising is sponsored by Undergraduate Education and in partnership with the Office of Information Technology. The Campus Advising Director serves as the primary sponsor designate leading the platform’s development and planning initiatives in connection with campus-wide strategic goals.  Long-term goals include: Using Buff Portal Advising to track more relationships and engagement activities; welcoming additional participants from student support units; and providing engagement data for reporting, analysis, and programing. The growth and support for BPA is moved forward by input from the users themselves. As such, there is a new process and procedure for submitting enhancements that will benefit both the community of BPA users and our students.

Submitting an Enhancement Request

This new process and procedure is available as of Spring 2021.

Over the years, there have been multiple avenues to submit ideas or questions about BPA that improve its functionality. In the interest of simplifying and streamlining the process as well as adding tracking and transparency, there is now a one-stop location where every user of BPA can submit their requests and track the workflow of how their requests are processed.

System enhancements and usability improvements are initially reviewed and prioritized by the Buff Portal Advising Steering Committee. The committee is composed of two Campus Advising Executive Council (CAEC) members, an appointed liaison from campus’ Advising Council, and a representative of the Office of Information Technology’ (OIT) Buff Portal Advising team.  The steering committee will review requests and move them forward based on these guiding principles:

  • It would improve the student experience
  • It could improve student outcomes and persistence and/or enhance assessment capabilities
  • It could improve user efficiency and efficacy
  • It can be applied to and support a broad swath of BPA community users There is not already another way to accomplish the desired result in BPA or a related campus system

If the steering committee determines that a request is appropriate to move forward, the recommendation is made to the Associate Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education. Items are prioritized based on the broader campus needs and impact, as well as their alignment with the CU Boulder Strategic Imperatives.

All items for consideration may be submitted by completing the enhancement request form in the Administration Panel (cog wheel) of Buff Portal Advising.

BPA Steering Committee Members

  • Campus Advising Director
  • CAEC Representatives
  • Advising Council Representative
  • BPA User At Large

For further information, please contact the Director of Campus Advising Initiatives and Strategy.

If you are having technical difficulties with BPA, please email:

To access the support documents for BPA, please visit the BPA Student Success Staff Resource Page.