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International Education Week

International Education Leads Campus in Celebration of International Education Week

International Education Week (IEW) is an annual celebration of international education and cultural exchange worldwide organized by the U.S. Departments of State and Education. This year, IEW occurred during the week of November 16 to 20, 2020 and was sponsored by the Offices of Education Abroad and International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS).  

As part of the celebration, Education Abroad alumni submitted photos that captured the theme of Perspective and Resilience: My International Experience.  

Multiple virtual events celebrating internationalization, global diversity and inclusion on CU Boulder’s campus were held. The International Festival Committee kicked off the week with a student-led event entitled World Showcase: Resilience Around the World & Thriving in Uncertainty. Other events included a listening session for international students and scholars to discuss creating and sustaining community in a virtual world. Career Services and Health and Wellness Services also held focused workshops, targeting unwritten rules of the U.S. job market and strategies for health and resilience when far from home.  

Education Abroad joined forces with the College of Engineering & Applied Science for an alumni panel and study abroad information session. Campus faculty and instructors were invited by Roberto Arruda, Director of International Student Academic Success, and Becca Ciancanelli, Inclusive Pedagogy Lead in the Center for Teaching & Learning, to an informational session on a spring learning community focused on international student success.  

In addition to the events planned for IEW, there were events hosted on campus that were international or globally-themed and were promoted on the university IEW website. International Student and Scholar Services and Education Abroad enjoyed celebrating our international community together! 

McNair Scholar Santos Navarro Arriola receives ABRCMS Presentation Award in Computational and Systems Biology

Screen Shot with Santos Navarro ArriolaMcNair Scholar Santos Navarro Arriola presented his summer research project “Machine Learning to Predict Anti-Malarial Compounds” from Harvard School of Public Health at the virtual Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) November 9-13, 2020.  Over 1,000 minority students across the country participated and presented at the conference. Santos received a presentation award in Computational and Systems Biology. 

Santos works in Professor Leslie Leinwand’s laboratory at CU Boulder’s BioFrontiers Institute. He is studying MCDB and is part of the Miramontes Arts and Science Program and McNair Scholars Program. His research aimed to repurpose an Artificial Intelligence program to screen through compounds for anti-malarial properties based on their chemical structure.  With drug resistant populations emerging in Malaria parasites, his hope is to push the use of AI to discover novel anti-malarial compounds to reduce and eradicate malaria in the world. 

 When asked to provide a statement on his experience in presenting at the conference, Santos stated, "The ABRCMS conference was a success in multiple ways. The first success was winning the Presentation Award in Computational and Systems Biology for my summer research project. I presented my project on using AI to virtually screen for novel anti-malarial compounds based on the chemical structure. Despite the pandemic, my peers across the country still came together and present amazing science with each other. I made virtual connections with fellow peers in the sciences and also connected with faculty at various other institutions. Plus, as a student of color I was impressed and motivated by the keynote speakers who shared their powerful narratives. I am thankful for the many mentors that helped me present my project such as those from the CU McNair Scholars Program. The CU McNair Program Director Dr. Yvonne Skoretz and advisor Dr. Melissa Pope helped me practice my presentation and gave amazing feedback that contributed to winning the award. This year I was happy to go to ABRCMS with a fellow CU Buff, Molly Maceachen, and see her amazing project in the Social and Behavioral Sciences and Public Health discipline. My hope for the future is that more CU Boulder students will attend ABRCMS and represent our amazing research that goes on our campus."––Santos Navarro Arriola

And Now for Some Fun

The class of Norlin 3500 (Constructions of Knowledge in the Fields) leaned into a moment of co-generative play on election day, resulting in a light-hearted reminder of what we can achieve together. The class is taught by Norlin faculty, Jim Walker. Enjoy!

"Karma (What goes around...)"