As an in incoming DIUN on assignment to complete a Master’s Program, an incoming MECEP or a new staff member PCSing to the unit, here's some general information you should know:

1. Download the MyNavyFamily App, this can be used as a resource for the following items:

• New Spouse

• Mentorship & Networking

• Employment & Adult Education

• Parenthood

• Special Needs Family Support

• Moving & Relocation

• Service Member Deployment

• Counseling Services

• Recreation, Lodging & Travel

• Family Emergencies

• Transition & Retirement 

2. Incoming OC/MECEP: An OC/MECEP sponsor will be assigned to you prior to arrival. MECEPs, please contact the Marine Officer Instructor, 1stLt Brendan MacVarish (, prior to arrival. OC's, Please contact LT Robbins ( prior to arrival.

3. Incoming STAFF: A command sponsor will be assigned to you prior to your arrival, upon arrival the sponsor will show you the resources and information available that is publically posted in the CU NROTC office spaces.  You will also receive contact information to command suicide representatives and reporting procedures for any Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment/Assault cases. 

4. Incoming DUINs: Anyone attending a masters program at CU, or attached to the command for any other reason falls into this category for Duty Under Instruction. The Executive Officer, CDR Pembleton, will be your supervisor; email: The Human Resource Assistants, also the Command Pay and Personnel Administrators, Mr. Mark Staroscik and Mr. Gary Lovato, will be your primary point of contact for administrative matters, including checking in, leave, fitness reports, and pay. The Admin Office can be reached at 303-492-8288 or 303-735-1800. Or, email: and

If you have any questions and can't get ahold of the contacts above please contact the Command Sponsor Coordinator, LT Mikaela Robbins ( or the administrative section, by phone, at 303-492-8288.