For students that are NOT recipients of the four year scholarship, you may still join CU NROTC. The GPA and SAT/ACT score requirements are still the same for this Scholarship Recipients and College Programmers. College Programmers receive the same training and are held to the same standards as scholarship students. College Programmers have the opportunity to apply for a 3- and 2-year scholarships throughout their time with CU NROTC. Many students elect this route and receive their commission! Although this path is very competitive, the work-ethic, study habits, and professional skills developed are equal to those who receive a National NROTC scholarship.

Your College Programmer application package consists of seven items and, once completed, should be submitted to 2ndLt Bandstra ( Your personal statement must be double-spaced with 12pt. Times New Roman font. 

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the calendar year.



  1. College Program Application (NSTC 1533/113) 
  2. Program Minimum Eligibility Sheet
  3. Report of Medical History (DD Form 2807-2)
  4. Drug and Debarment Statement
  5. Personal essay explaining why you want to join the CU NROTC program (no longer than 1 page)
  6. Copy of SAT/ACT Scores
  7. Copy of High School (and College, if applicable) Transcripts 

Upon completion of the checklist. Send your application to the Freshman Advisor, 2ndLt Bandstra (