For Scholarship Coordinators: 

To schedule an officer interview for a student who has listed CU NROTC on their national scholarship application please do the following:

  1. Send 2ndLt Bandstra ( an email including:
    • The student's name
    • The student's email
    • The student's application
    • The interview due date
    • Any other pertinent information or documentation. 
  2. The student's information and documentation will then be forwarded to the CU NROTC officer who will conduct the interview. 
  3. The officer who conducts the interview will return the completed officer interview form to you directly, via email, no later than the close of business on the interview due date. CU NROTC officers who can conduct officer interviews include: 
    • Col Robert Bodisch
    • CDR Gary Pembleton  
    • Capt Sean Murphy       
    • LT Mikaela Robbins 
    • LT Kai Hinton   
    • 2ndLt Justin Bandstra

Key information for scheduling interviews: 

  1. Interviews can be done over zoom or in person, there is no requirement either way. 
  2. Students should always communicate directly with you and should NOT reach out to me for scheduling interviews. 
  3. The CU NROTC officer assigned to the interview will reach out to the student directly to schedule the interview.
  4. We will contact you in the case that a student is unresponsive after 2 failed contact attempts. 
  5. I will communicate with you in the case that we are backlogged with an excessive amount of interviews.