Applicants must use the online application linked above to complete and submit the required information in order to apply for the NROTC scholarship. 

The application will have you create an account with NETFOCUS, and you will register using your email and other information. The application is extensive and will take a few hours. You will be able to save your progress and go back to previous sections as needed. Below is a PDF to help you. The application will include personal information, references, education and test scores and other information so be prepared to take your time.

Applicants will be asked to choose their top five choices of schools. Each applicant must also choose what academic major they intend to pursue at their university. These majors fall into three tiers in conjunction to the Navy's need. You must apply to, be accepted at, and enroll in your assigned school in order to utilize the scholarship. 

After you have completed your application, you will need to submit the required paperwork. This includes a fitness assessment, Statement of Understanding, Debarment Statement, Drug Statement. Finally, you will complete your officer interview. Please coordinate your interview through your scholarship coordinator via the officer interview link. Whether you live in Colorado or have listed CU Boulder as one of your top choices, your scholarship coordinator will need to email us your application.