Can I apply to the program with an undergraduate major other than materials science and engineering?

Yes! The MSE graduate program is open to applicants with undergraduate degrees in MSE, but also physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and various STEM and engineering disciplines. The program is flexible in order to accommodate individual backgrounds, but as both the MS and PhD are technical degrees, your experience and coursework should reflect a suitable background in calculus, physics and chemistry. 

What are general course prerequisites for admission?

We strongly suggest a minimum of two years of calculus/differential equations, an introductory chemistry and physics course, plus advanced undergraduate coursework appropriate to the MSE track that will be followed. However, those courses are not absolutely required for admission. A customized plan to address any deficiencies will be assembled with your advisor as appropriate.

What is the minimum GPA required for admission?

We do not have formal minimum requirements for admission; however, the average GPA of our admitted students is 3.68.

Do you require official transcripts?

You can submit unofficial transcripts in the application. However, if you are admitted will require official transcripts prior to registration.

Do I need to convert my international GPA?

There is no need to convert your GPA because we have trained staff in the office of Graduate Admissions who can do so for you.

Is the subject GRE required for admission?

No, the subject GRE is not required for admission and it will not affect your eligibility.

I want to be in the PhD program, but do I have a better chance of being admitted into the Master’s degree first?

If you intend to eventually pursue a PhD, then you should apply to the PhD program directly. You can earn a Master’s degree along the way. 

Can I visit campus and tour the facilities?

You are welcome to visit campus anytime but we will personally invite students admitted into the PhD program for an all-expense-paid visit and tour in the spring.

For more information on campus visits follow:

What is my application status?

After your application has been successfully submitted you may check the status of your application in your account on the Admissions website.

What are the deadlines for admission to the program?

Fall application deadlines are December 15 for both international and domestic students. Spring deadline for MS students is September 1. Note: PhD applications are only accepted for the fall term.

Can I add materials, or change information in my application, once it's been submitted?

No. Unfortunately, no edits are allowed to an already submitted application. Additional materials (e.g. recommendations, transcripts, etc.) can be added by forwarding those materials directly to the admissions office at Make sure to include your full name and either the application number or your employee/student ID number.

One of my recommenders didn't receive the recommendation link. What do I do?

For assistance with links to letters of recommendation contact technical support at

You cannot add additional names, or remove names, of recommenders in your application once it has been submitted; however, recommendations can be sent by your recommenders to the graduate admissions office,

How long does the degree take to complete?

Our students normally complete the MS in 2-3 years, the PhD in 5-6 years. The time limit set by the graduate school for the MS is 4 years, the limit for the PhD is 6 years. See the graduate school rules for more detailed information.