Doing Research at the Mountain Research Station

Researchers at the Mountain Research Station potentially have access to montane, subalpine, and alpine environments within a 10 mile radius of the station.  The MRS is in the process of obtaining a Special Use Permit for researchers working in the Niwot Ridge Biosphere Reserve (U.S. Forest Service property) that facilitates researcher access.  Similar arrangements have been made with the City of Boulder, to provide access to the Green Lakes Valley.  However, researchers wishing to work in the City's watershed must demonstrate why the research can not be done elsewhere before they will receive a permit.

Niwot Map

Researchers wishing to work on MRS property (Columbine Springs Preserve), the Niwot Ridge Biosphere Reserve, or the City of Boulder Watershed must fill out a research application form prior to initiating their work.  Researchers who knowingly do not follow this simple protocol will have their names turned over to the appropriate authorities (typically the Boulder County Sheriff's office).

Researchers planning work at the MRS should email Scott Taylor, the Director, if they have any questions.  Researchers are requested to provide the MRS with their research proposals prior to submission for funding.

Final reports and copies of publications are requested of all researchers working at the MRS.  Researchers are encouraged to include the MRS as part of their affiliation on their publications.