Project Title

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Katja Friedrich SCOOP - Study of COnvective and Ororgraphic Precipitation
University of Colorado Boulder Julian Resasco Temporal dynamics of plant-pollinator networks
Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science  Peter Effertz NOAA ESRL Global Monitoring Laboratory Surface Ozone Network
University of Caifornia, Berkeley Taylar Bankston Anticipating continent-wide forest recruitment change: the interactions between climate, habitat, and consumers
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department at UCLA Camila Dias Barros Medeiros Scaling from traits to forest ecosystem fluxes and responses to climate change, from stand to continent
Washington State University Robert Andrus Monitoring subalpine forest demography
Battelle Memorial Institute - NEON Program Michael Kuhlman National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) 
Geography, University of Colorado Boulder Peter Blanken Carbon and Water fluxes at the US-NR1 AmeriFlux site
University of Colorado Boulder Hannah Miller Mercury cycling in alpine and subalpine wetlands
Denver Botanic Gardens Andrew Wilson Distributions of macrofungi: quantifying ecosystem and climate drivers of fungal reproduction
CU Boulder CIRES Earth Lab Tyler McIntosh Data collection to inform post-fire plant functional type and carbon recovery modeling
Department of Biological Sciences / The University of Texas at El Paso Elizabeth LaRue Resolving structural diversity controls on function along an ecosystem volume gradient across NEON domains
CU EBIO / Museum of Natural History Christy McCain Determining the elevational range and desiccation tolerance of a Carrion beetle tundra specialist, Thanatophilus coloradensis
University of Colorado Boulder Casey Carroll Assessing the effects of increased nest temperature on cavity dwelling bee fitness and phenology across an elevation gradient
University of Washington - Seattle, Department of Biology Monica Sheffer  
Colorado State University Jessica Callen Provenance and Characteristics of Dust from the Colorado Plateau to the Great Plains
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Chris Ray Effects of climate on the American pika
Colorado State University Jane Stewart Characterizing the aerobiology of white pine blister rust (Cronartium ribicola)
EBIO University of Colorado Boulder Alec Chiono The role of seed banks and other life history delays on alpine plant responses to climate change
EBIO / CU Boulder Scott Taylor Boulder Chickadee Study
University of Arizona Brian Enquist Forest MacroSystems Network
Niwot Ridge Long Term Ecological Research /  INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Sammy Yevak  Niwot Ridge Limnology Long Term Ecological Research
EBIO University of Colorado, Boulder Julian Resasco Pollinator Diversity Survey at Niwot Ridge
EEOB / University of California Riverside Marko Spasojevic Growing season length experiment
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Jane Smith The effects of environmental changes on species interactions in moist meadow alpine tundra communities
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Jane Smith  Changes in snowbeds and associated plant and microbial communities with climate change
University of Colorado Boulder Douglas Castro  Microplastics in Mountain Ecosystems of the Colorado Front Range 
EBIO / University of Colorado Zachary Schwartz Examining the Effects of Rising Air Temperature on N Cycling and Trace Gas Emissions in the Alpine
ENVS / CU Boulder Claire Powers Environmental drivers of Eritrichium nanum population dynamics across spatial scales
Department of Botany, University of Wyoming Megan Szojka Determining the abiotic and biotic drivers of sub-alpine species expansion into the alpine
University of Colorado Boulder Timothy Seastedt LTER Snowfence experiment
Michigan State University Diane Ebert-May Niwot Ridge:  50-year plant community and lichen inventory
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Jennifer Morse Hydrology, Climate, Biogeochemistry, and Geomorphology of Alpine Areas
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Austin Willbern Sensor Network
University of South Carolina Zachary Radford Evolutionary Mechanisms of Balanced Flower Color Polymorphism in Whipple's Penstemon
University of Colorado Boulder Nancy Emery NWT-8 turf transplant experiment: Evaluating rates of response to rising air temperature
University of Colorado Boulder Nancy Emery Distributed experiment testing patterns of seed predation and selection for seed defense traits
University of Colorado Boulder Nancy Emery Demography of hybrid lineages: Implications for parent populations of cinquefoils 
University of Georgia Megan DeMarche Causes and consequences of flowering phenology plasticity in alpine cushion plants
University of Georgia Megan DeMarche Comparative population ecology of alpine plants
Tulane University Emily Farrer Effect of climate change on alpine microbial communities
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Jane Smith Investigating the Origins of Symbiosis using a Novel Mycorrhizal Interaction in Pasque Flowers
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology / UC Irvine Tobin Hammer Integrating microbes into plant-pollinator networks
EBIO University of Colorado Boulder Warren Sconiers Scaling the consequences of extended summers to arthropod communities at Niwot Ridge
Earth Lab/CIRES University of Colorado Boulder Michael Koontz Open Forest Observatory; High-resolution aerial forest mapping infrastructure and database 
EBIO, University of Colorado, Boulder Steven Schmidt Characterization of the microbial communities and biogeochemistry of Arikaree and Arapahoe glaciers
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Hope Humphries Saddle Grid Plot Plant Species Composition and Net Primary Productivity
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Hope Humphries Land Cover Map of Niwot Ridge and Green Lakes Valley
EBIO University of Colorado Boulder Miles Moore Effects of environmental heterogeneity on the distribution of a hemiparasitic plant in the alpine- tundra
EBIO University of Colorado Boulder Anna Paraskevopoulos How climate and neighbors interact to shape resource use and foraging behavior in ants
CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences) Mark Seefeldt Modifications to the Ott Pluvio2 Precipitation Gauge for Year-round Measurement of Precipitation at Remote Locations in Antarctica
INSTAAR, University of Colorado Boulder Keith Musselman EcoTram
University of Wyoming, Geology & Geophysics Andrew Parsekian EcoTram
Dept of Geograpgy and Environmental Science University of Colorado Denver Kinzie Bailey EcoTram
UC Berkeley Lara Kueppers Subalpine and alpine species range shifts with climatic change
CU Boulder Chemistry Department / CIRES Emmaline (Emmy) Longnecker Spectroscopic Measurements of Chemical Composition of Organic Aerosol Particles Collected at Urban and Rural Locations Colorado