Current Research at MRS



Research Topic

Anna Carter Iowa State University Using unmanned aerial systems to model spatially-mediated heterogeneity in 3D microclimate landscapes
Bennett Miller CU Boulder Long Range Wireless Testbed
Bill Bowman CU Boulder Dust deposition as a source of nutrient cations for alpine plants
Bridget Chalifour CU Boulder Understanding Anthropogenic Impact on Gut Microbiomes Through the Study of Oreohelix, the Rocky Mountain Snail
Britton Stephens National Center for Atmospheric Research In situ atmospheric CO2 observations from T-Van
Chance Noffsinger Montana State University An important mycorrhizal genus (Russula) with Salix in the Rocky Mountain alpine zone
Chiara Forrester CU Boulder The role of snow molds in N cycling
Chiara Forrester CU Boulder Implications of Early Snowmelt and Warming for Plant Communities and Plant-Fungal Interactions Across a Complex Landscape
Chris Ray CU Boulder Physiological, behavioral and demographic response of the American pika (Ochotona princeps) to variations in climate
Chris Ray CU Boulder Physiological, behavioral and demographic response of the American pika (Ochotona princeps) to variations in climate
Christy McCain & Richard Dyer CU Boulder Resurvey of Carrion beetle populations
Cliff Bueno de Mesquita CU Boulder Changes in snowbeds and associated plant and microbial communities with climate change: transplant experiment
Daniel Doak CU Boulder How will local adaptation and climatic extremes shape alpine plant performance
David Bowling University of Utah Towards a Complex Terrain Carbon Monitoring System (CMS-Mountains): Development and Testing in the Western U.S.
Dillon McClintock Ragar CU Boulder Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory
Eric Small CU Boulder GPS station at the saddle
James Clark Duke University Combining NEON and remotely sensed habitats to determine climate impacts on community dynamics
Jared Anderson-Huxley University of California Riverside How do community assembly processes shape phylogenetic and functional diversity?
Johanna Varner Colorado Mesa Decomposition of Alpine Avens in Pika Haypiles
Julian Resasco CU Boulder Spatiotemporal variation of plant-pollinator networks
Katharine Suding CU Boulder LTER Sensor Network (multiple projects)
Katharine Suding CU Boulder Hydrology, Climate, Biogeochemistry, and Geomorphology of Alpine Areas
Katharine Suding CU Boulder Mechanisms and effects of shrub invasion in the alpine tundra (ITEX exp.).
Katharine Suding, Steve Schmidt CU Boulder Changes in snowbeds and associated plant and microbial communities with climate change 
Katherine Suding CU Boulder The effects of climate change on species interactions in moist meadow communities 
Katja Friedrich CU Boulder Study of orographic and convective precipitation
Kelly Carscadden CU Boulder Sources of phenotypic variation underlying demographic rates and species distributions in hybridizing
Kelly Kochanski CU Boulder Bedforms and Blizzards in the Front Range, Colorado
Kelly Loria (Diane McKnight/ Pieter Johnson) CU Boulder Effects of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition of Plankton Dynamics in an Alpine Lake
Maciej Stachura Black Swift Technologies LLC Measureing gas fluxes with MALIBU
Mark Raleigh CU Boulder Forest and topographic controls on snowpack properties
Marko J Spasojevic University of California Riverside Growing length experiment
Marko Spasojevic Univ of California Riverside Elucidating the dynamics of high-elevation ecosystems with functional traits
Mathew Sharples CU Boulder Pollination Biology of a Sympatric Starwort System
Michael (Iggy) Litaor Tel Hai College, Israel Trend analysis of selected hydro-chemical constituents in the Green Lakes Valley: A Query of Catchment Response to Environmental
Michael Gooseff (CU) , Joel Singley (CU), Ricardo Gonzalez-Pinzon (UNM), Kamini Singha (Mines), Tim Covino (CSU) CU Boulder Collaborative Research: How do interactions of transport and stoichiometry maximize stream nutrient retention?
Nel Caine CU Boulder Hydrologic and Geomorphic Studies in Green Lakes Valley
NEON NEON Monitoring of biodiversity and function
Peter Blanken  / Sean Burns CU Boulder Carbon and Water fluxes at the Niwot Ridge AmeriFlux site
Petr Sklenar Charles University, Czech Republic Evolution of functional traits of alpine plants in temperate and tropical environments
Robert Andrus CU Boulder Forest demography and production based on long-term permanent plots
Ruth Heindel CU Boulder Quantifying atmospheric dust deposition to Niwot Ridge
Ryan Geygan Multi-University, NSF / NEON Collaborative Proposal: MSB-ENSA: Foliar  traits and terrestrial ecosystem variability across NEON domains
Ryan Webb CU Boulder Extending the vadose zone: characterizing the role of snow for liquid water storage and transmission in streamflow generation
Steven Schmidt CU Boulder Linking terrestrial and aquatic microbial ecosystems in the Green Lakes Valley
Susanna Venn Deakin University, Australia Shrubs as growth facilitators
Sydney Clark & Rebecca Barnes Colorado College Investigating the provenance of reactive nitrogen in alpine glacial ice using isotopes of nitrate and ammonium
Troy Magney Caltech PhotoSpec: A scanning spectrometer to investigate dynamics of photosynthesis and fluorescence at a sub-alpine forest