Current Research at the Mountain Research Station

Researcher Institution Research Topic
Aaron Roberts University of North Texas EcoPhysiology of Carotenoids in Alpine Plankton
Anne Henry University of Colorado Nitrogen concentration in lichens as a proxy for  N deposition
Anya Byers University of Colorado Ecohydrology of Lodgepole Pine Forests: Connecting  Transpiration to Subsurface Flow Paths and Storage within a Subalpine  Catchment
Bill Bowman University of Colorado Anthropogenic N deposition effects on alpine ecosystems
Bill Morris/ Dan Doak Duke University/ Univ of Wyoming Comparative demography of arctic/alpine plants
Robert S. Anderson University of Colorado CZO: Boulder Creek Critical Zone  Observatory--Weathered Profile Development in a Rocky Environment and  Its Influence on Watershed Hydrology and Biogeochemistry
Brent Helliker University of Pennsylvania Taking the temperature of a tree: novel insights  on tree-leaf temperature via the oxygen isotope ratio of tree rings
Brett Woods University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Life History Traits of High Elevation Marmots
Cesar Nufio University of Colorado Grasshoppers & Plants in the sub-alpine
Chris Ray University of Colorado Physiological, behavioral and demographic response of the American pika (Ochotona princeps) to variations in climate and microclimate
Clara Chew University of Colorado Development of GPS as a snow and soil moisture sensor
Courtney Naff University of Colorado Unraveling the diverse community of microbial  organisms associated with Red Snow
Danielle Perrot University of Colorado Quantifying the combined effects of forest litter and aeolian dust deposition on snow surface albedo
David Bowling University of Utah Long-Term Assessment of Isotopic Exchange of  Carbon Dioxide in a Subalpine Forest (Niwot Ridge AmeriFlux site)
David P. Dethier Williams College Geomorphology of the Front Range critical zone  using a variety of techniques, including ground- penetrating radar (GPR)  and shallow seismic refraction (SSR)
Dean E. Anderson U.S. Geological Survey Carbon dioxide, water vapor, and heat exchanges above and within a subalpine forest
Diane McKnight/ Deena Garland University of Colorado Effects of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on  Phytoplankton Dynamics in an Alpine Lake
Diana Oliveras / Carol Kearns University of Colorado Boulder County Bumblebees: Population monitoring and conservation genetics
Diane Ebert-May Michigan State University Niwot Ridge: 40-year plant community sample
Katharine Suding University of California Berkeley Mechanisms and effects of shrub invasion in the  alpine tundra
Erik Rissler NEON Domain 13 Core Site
Eve Gasarch University of Colorado Controls on Alpine Plant Communities
Hope Humphries University of Colorado Land Cover Map of Niwot Ridge and Green Lakes Valley
Jeremy Smith University of Colorado Climate Effects on Subalpine Tree Mortality
Jessica J. King University of Colorado Multiscale nonlinear domain decomposition method for modeling the impact of climate change on groundwater resources
John Knowles University of Colorado Spatio-temporal Patterns of Soil Respiration and Age of Respired Carbon from High-Elevation Alpine Tundra
John Lovell Colorado State University Local adaptation in Boechera
Lara Kueppers University of California, Merced Subalpine and alpine species range shifts with climatic change: temperature and soil moisture manipulations to test species and population responses
Leah Meromy University of Colorado Alpine and Sub-alpine Snowpack: Climate Warming  Experiment
Mark W. Williams University of Colorado Hydrology and Biogeochemistry of Alpine Areas
Matthias Leopold Technische Universität München shallow subsurface observations (geophysics and geomorphology)
Michael G. Ryan and Brianna Miles USDA - Forest Service Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle and Spruce Beetle on Forest Carbon and Water Balance
Michael S. Robeson University of Colorado Determining how the spatial scale of bdelloid  rotifer communities are affected by biotic an abiotic factors
Morgan Zeliff University of Colorado Spatial and Temporal Investigations of Groundwater in an Alpine Watershed
Nicole Trahan University of Colorado Carbon cycling dynamics in response to pine beetle infection and climate variation
Nathan Rock University of Colorado Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory
Nel Caine University of Colorado Surface hydrologic studies of Green Lakes Valley
Paul D. Brooks University of Arizona Quantifying the Effects of Large-Scale  Vegetation Change on Coupled Water, Carbon, and Nutrient Cycles: Beetle Kill in Western Montane Forests
Peter Blanken University of Colorado Carbon fluxes at the Niwot Ridge AmeriFlux site
Pieter Johnson University of Colorado Comparison of parasite prevalence of zooplankton in Sub-Alpine verses Alpine Lakes
Scott Ferrenberg/ Jeff Mitton University of Colorado Mountain pine beetle responses to climate change
Rory Cowie University of Colorado Isotopic variations of precipititation and snowmelt
Teresa B. Chapman University of Colorado Mountain pine beetle and fire influences on the regeneration of lodgepole pine in northern Colorado
Tiffany Duhl National Center for Atmospheric Research Mountain Pine Beetle effects on  pine emissions of VOC