Graduate Courses

CVEN 5919: Sustainable Community Development 1 (fall only)

CVEN 5929: Sustainable Community Development 2 (spring only)

CVEN 5939: Sustainable Community Development Field Practicum

CVEN 5969: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Required for Environmental EDC track, fall only)

CVEN 5837: Special Topics - A Systems Approach to Global Engineering (spring only)

        NEW for spring 2018:  CVEN 5837: Special Topics - Systems Dynamics Modeling of Development Projects 
           -- a 5-week introduction course (Jan 16 - Feb 16, 2018)

CVEN 5837: Special Topics - Humanitarian Response and Disaster Management  (offered fall 2017)

CVEN 5837: Special Topics - Fieldwork Methods for Development Engineers  (offered spring 2018)

Undergraduate Courses

GEEN 1400: First Year Engineering Projects (Appropriate Technology sections offered at least once per year)

CVEN 4837: Special Topics - A Systems Approach to Global Engineering (spring)

CVEN 4969/CVEN 4834/EVEN 4830: Water and Sanitation in Developing Countries (spring 2017, spring 2018)