Our campus housing offers three types of living experiences for our students. 

  • Living Learning Communities (LLCs) - Our LLC experiences are cohorts of students that live and learn together around a specific topic. LLCs have eligibility requirements to live in the community, and LLC offerings are both academic and theme based. Some LLCs offer classes, and others have co-curricular experiences built into the residential experience. This is a great community for students who are passionate about living and learning with other like-minded students around a specific topical area. 
  • Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) -  RAPs help cultivate a sense of belonging supported by faculty and staff dedicated to the first-year experience. With a fee of $425, RAPs offer broad curricula of courses, events and activities. RAP classes often are small and intimate, take place in the residence hall where the RAP students live and are limited to students in that residence hall. RAP courses may also satisfy General Education and/or major requirements, welcoming you to campus while supporting academic success.
  • Traditional - Our traditional experience is available to all students. It is comprised of students from different academic majors and interests. The community and events offered will organically develop based on the students who live there. This is a great community for the student who wants to have a home environment that is not based on their academics and they can live with people who they likely are not meeting in classes.

Housing Frequently Asked Questions