Hallett Hall is the home to 3 Identity Based Living Learning Communities— Lucile B. Buchanan for Black students and allies, Por La Cultura for Multicultural and Latinx students, and Spectrum for LGBTQIA students and allies. Each Identity Based LLC provides key live-in peer mentors identifying with the community’s goals and mission as well as  programming across 5 pillars:  

  • Cultural identity development
  • Social justice
  • Connecting across differences
  • Mentorship support
  • Strengthening communities

Examples of activities for the Hallett Identity Based Living Learning Communities include:

  • Monthly discussion series, example—Latinx/Latine Heritage, LGBTQIA history and awareness, Decolonization, Cultural Appropriation, Structural Oppression, Racial Justice, Intercultural Development, etc
  • The Hallett Hall Monthly Newsletter  
  • Speaker series connected to each individual community theme
  • A shared common read connected to diversity and inclusion
  • Service projects connected to the greater Boulder community
  • Intergroup dialogue to assist residents in building positive reflective listening skills
  • Policy Inclusion Project—Each LLC will unpack ways that they can positively impact their community. For example, this could be an office on campus that they unpack piece by piece to develop an action plan for inclusion.

If you are interested in living within one of these LLCs, please list the specific LLC in your housing application as a top preference and we will reach out to you with the link for the essay to apply. You can also speak with Lorely Sanchez the Coordinator of Social Action and Leadership at lorely.sanchez@colorado.edu for more questions about this process.