norielle adricula

Norielle Adricula

Specialization: Language and cognition, metaphor, construction grammar, language acquisition, historical linguistics, Sanskrit, Hindi
Yahya Aseri

Yahya Aseri

Specialization: Syntax, semantics and computational linguistics
Marcus Avelar

Marcus Avelar

Specialization: Sociocultural linguistics, pragmatics, language and identity, the interaction of language, sexuality, ethnicity and social class.
michelle brown headshot

Michelle Brown

Specialization: sociolinguistics, semantics and pragmatics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, African American English
Kendra Buck

Kendra Buck

Specialization : Japenese and Psycholinguistics
Annabeth Buis profile

Annebeth Buis

Specialization: Computational linguistics, syntax and semantics, computational methods for small/endangered languages, linguistic typology
Marielle Butters

Marielle Butters

Specialization : Language documentation, linguistic typology, linguistic anthropology, Tibeto-Burman languages (especially Tibetan), Austronesian, negation, evidentiality

Evan Coles-Harris

Specialization: Documentation, phonetics, Chinese languages

Jared Desjardins

Specialization: Morphology, syntax, semantics, grammatical theory, corpus linguistics, Latin
Lizzie Goodrich

Lizzie Goodrich

Specialization: Language documentation and description, Zapotec languages, tense-aspect-mood, language revitalization, native languages of the Americas

Olivia Hirschey

Specialization: Sociocultural linguistics, conversation analysis, feminist studies, language and gender, language and interaction.

Jessica Holman

Specialization: Sociocultural linguistics, language and identity, language variation, regional and social varieties.

Ghazelah Kazeminejad

Specialization: Computational Linguistics, Lexical Semantics, Complex Predicates, Farsi Linguistics, Computational Applications for Endangered Languages, Ontologies, Machine Learning, Multimodal Communication and its Applications in AI

Velda Khoo

Specialization: Language and identity, sociocultural linguistics, Conversation Analysis, contact languages and multilingualism with specialization in Singapore and Southeast Asia, language policy and planning.
Story Kiser headshot

Story Kiser

Specialization: Phonetics, sociocultural linguistics, psycholinguistics, language and identity, language and gender/sexuality.

Maureen Kosse

Specialization: Sociocultural linguistics, language and identity, language and power, conversation analysis, Old/Middle English, French
Cedar Lay

Cedar Lay

Specialization: Language Documentation, Morphology, West African Languages

Tao Lin

Specialization: Computational and corpus linguistics, semantics and syntax, lexicology
Ling Liu

Ling Liu

Specialization: Computational linguistics, computational phonology and morphology, morphosyntax, machine learning and deep learning in NLP, machine translation
sarah moeller

Sarah Moeller

Specialization: Language documentation, endangered languages, computational linguistics, syntax-semantics interface, Caucasian languages, syntactic ergativity

Timothy O'Gorman

Specialization: Computational lexical semantics, construction grammar(s), distributional compositional semantics, information structure, Arabic syntax
ozawa headshot

Miyabi Ozawa

Specialization: Sociocultural linguistics, interactional linguistics, conversation analysis, Japanese
Chu Paing

Chu Paing

Specialization: Linguistic Anthropology, Ethnography, Majority/Minority Language Dynamics, Language and Politics, Language Maintenance and Shift, Language and Identity, Narrative, Storytelling, Morphology, Syntax, Burmese, languages of Myanmar
Alexandra Romanova

Alexandra (Sasha) Romanova

Specialization: Language acquisition, bilingualism, language and cognition, diachronics, Sanskrit
kevin stowe

Kevin Stowe

Specialization: Natural language processing, computational semantics, machine learning, metaphor, lexical semantics
Alyssa Strickler

Alyssa Strickler

Specialization : sound change, phonetics, laboratory phonology, and cognitive science
sullivan photo

Elizabeth Sullivan

Specialization: Natural language processing, computational phonology, mental spaces, semantics and humor, discourse analysis.
jonnia torres

Jonnia Torres

Specialization: Language documentation and revitalization, acoustic phonetics, phonology, and Siouan languages
jesus villalpando

Jesus Villalpando

Specialization: Grammatical description and language documentation, grammaticography, morphosyntax, syntactic complexity, grammaticalization, diachronics, Souther Uto-Aztecan, Taracahitan
irina wagner

Irina Wagner

Specialization: Meta-agentive discourse; person reference; Algonquian linguistics; Native American languages; linguistic anthropology; revitalization; conversation analysis.
Logan Young headshot

Logan Young

Specialization: TESOL, translation, metaphor, Japanese