Linguistics Circle (LingCircle) is a weekly to biweekly colloquium and workshop series sponsored by the CU Linguistics Department. During the academic year 20-21, all LingCircle events will take place on Zoom. LingCircle events are open to everyone and no registration is required. 

Spring 2021


Thursday, March 25

Ambrocio Guttiérez Lorenzo (UT Austin)
Abstract: Complement clauses in Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec: why are they unique and how might typology support our understanding of them even without defining them? 

Monday, March 29

Hilaria Cruz (University of Louisville)
Abstract: The complex exponence relations of tonal inflection in San Juan Quiahije Eastern Chatino verbs

Thursday, April 1

Joseph Dupris (University of Arizona)
Abstract: naat ?a maqlaqsyalank hemkank’la: Sustaining tribal sovereignty through community-based language research

Friday, April 9
Jalon Begay
(University of New Mexico)
Abstract: Reconceptualizing Navajo word formation and holoxemic relations

Friday, April 21
4:00-5:30pm (MT)
Rachel Weissler 
(University of Michigan)
Abstract: Cognition and Sociolinguistic Knowledge of African American English
Join via Zoom: (Passcode: BUFFS)

Fall 2020

Wednesday, December 9

Miriam Aguilar (Naso; Universidad de Panamá)
Natalia Bermúdez (University of Chicago)