For Students

To get involved with the LING 1900 Literacy Practicum, students must have volunteered for the Practicum in a previous semester or be currently enrolled in at least one of several linguistic courses relevant to the study of literacy and language learning. These courses include our sociolinguistic courses LING 1000 (Language in US Society), Ling 3545 (World Language Policies), and Ling 4800 (Language and Culture), as well as our TESOL courses LING 3630 (Principles and Practices for TESOL) and LING 4910 (TESOL Practicum).

During the first two weeks of each semester, students enrolled in these courses will have the opportunity to sign up for the LING 1900 service hour and commit to working with one of our four community partners: University Hill Elementary, Boulder Public Library, Student-Worker Alliance Program, or Family Learning Center. All questions about enrolling in LING 1900 or expectations regarding the service hour should be directed to the Literacy Practicum Graduate Student Coordinator or to one of our Literacy Practicum Graduate Student Liaisons. For names and contact addresses, please consult the webpage providing more details about Our Team.

If you meet the requirements lists above and are interested in volunteering, please fill out the application form.

For Potential Community Partners

The Literacy Practicum is seeking additional community partners to incorporate into this service learning opportunity. If you know of an organization located in Boulder that might be interested in forming a partnership with Ling 1900, please contact the Program Director, Prof. Kira Hall, at