As part of LING 1900, students write three blog entries over the course of the semester about their experiences in the Literacy Practicum. Ling 1900 is what CU-Boulder calls a “service learning course.” This one-hour course works differently from standard courses that have exams and letter grades. Participating students simply need to illustrate that they are meeting regularly with their reading partners by reporting back about their experiences in the form of a blog. The three blog entries should be thoughtful, but like blogs more generally, they can also be very informal and of any length.

Students who visit with their reading partners throughout the semester and submit these three blog entries will receive full credit for LING 1900 with a grade of “pass.” In previous semesters, we have awarded a financial prize to our most outstanding blogs, and we might be continuing these awards in the current semester. But all of the blogs we have received are great! Click on the photographs below to see examples of fun and award-winning blogs written by past students in the program.

The LING 1900 blog in its entirety can be viewed here.