Daniel AltshulerDaniel Altshuler
Hampshire College & University of Massachusetts
Does Viewpoint Aspect Make Reference to Time?


BeaversJohn Beavers
The University of Texas at Austin
Change-of-State in the Roots of Verbs: A Typological Study


Jurgen_BohnemeyerJürgen Bohnemeyer
University at Buffalo - SUNY
Mysteries of the Future


BrisardFrank Brisard
University of Antwerp
The Epistemic Meaning of the Progressive


De_WitAstrid De Wit
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Aspect in Performative Contexts Across Languages


Claire BonialClaire Bonial
Army Research Laboratory, Adelphi, MD
Choosing an Event Description: What a PropBank Study Reveals about the Contrast between Light Verb Constructions and Counterpart Synthetic Verbs

Stephen DickeyStephen Dickey
University of Kansas
Time Out of Time: Russian and Slavic Aspect in Non-Temporal Contexts and
Epistemic Immediacy as a Common Denominator for Unauxiliated Preterits and Mirative Utterances in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian: An Accessibility Approach

Silvia GennariSilvia Gennari
University of York, UK
Event Structure and Event Duration in Language Comprehension


Koenig_photoJean-Pierre Koenig
University of Buffalo
Cross-linguistic Variation in Event Structure


Matlock_PhotoTeenie Matlock
University of California, Merced
A Look at the Role of Aspect in Reasoning about Events


University of Colorado Boulder


Peter PetrePeter Petré
University of Antwerp
Corpus Meets Experiment. Extravagance in the Expansion History of Progressive [BE Ving]


PustejovskyJames Pustejovsky
Brandeis University
Mapping from Surface to Abstract Event Structures in Language


Elly van Gelderen

Elly van Gelderen
Arizona State University
Changes in Inner and Outer Aspect


Don WinfordDon Winford
Ohio State University
Completive Aspect Markers in Caribbean Creoles: From Completion to Temporal Priority and Associated Pragmatic Functions