This page concerns submission of receipts, including your airfare receipt indicating payment by credit card. Transit within Boulder is another expense that the Workshop will reimburse. Boulder Bear Peak(Keep in mind that your Greenride airport transit will be paid directly by the Workshop, so you will not need to submit a receipt for Greenride transit.) Transit within Boulder will include any cab, Uber or Lyft receipts for transit between the Marriott and the conference site or transit to and from one of the dining venues.

In order to submit your receipts, please attach receipts (e.g., scanned hard copy receipts) to an email sent to Linguistics program assistant Paula Dufour. Please insure that the the following information is in the body of the email: Name, Address, Country and Email Address. Please also insure that each receipt contains your name, a zero balance, and the last four digits of your credit card. If the receipt is for food, please also make sure that that you include an itemized receipt along with the credit card receipt. Once your reimbursement request is processed by our Financial Services Department, you will receive a DocuSign form to sign. Please watch for that DocuSign request, as speedy completion of the DocuSign form will speed up your reimbursement. Your reimbursement will be sent by check to the address listed on your email to Paula.