Digital Afterlife is a work of music video art by MALK, a digital art persona produced by TECHNE director Mark Amerika and PhD candidate Laura Kim. The work features the two artists performing an avant-pop song and dance that layers film and video imagery from historic science fiction cinema, contemporary new media artworks, and online meme culture. Filtered through a retro-chic MTV-kitsch video vernacular, Digital Afterlife is part of a larger research investigation into the way 21st century media and information behaviors have been internalized by digital natives as part of their desire to participate in an online persona-making process.

In the summer of 2018, the work premiered in New York City as part of the Harvestworks summer exhibition series at Governors Island. The exhibition was sponsored by Harvestworks, Streaming Museum, Millennium Film Project and the University of Colorado College of Media, Communication and Information.

Title: Digital Afterlife
Media type: Video with sound
Performer: MALK, Chad Mossholder
Music production: Chad Mossholder
Video production: Laura Hyunjhee Kim
Duration: 3:25

Are you contagious?
Contagious enough?
Is your Avant-Garde
Way too much?

Is it just me?
How could it be?
I’m just a brand
The Anti-Selfie

Digital Digital Afterlife
Post Your Mind in UN-REALTIME
Becoming a meme
Let’s go for the ride
In my ontological hive

Aesthetic currency
Signature effect
Interface Value
Attention Defect

- excerpted lyrics from Digital Afterlife.

TV fuzz and lightning with the words "Digital Afterlife" in red, olde english font.

Girl on black background with random text and the word "Digital"2 people on a glitched beach, a cat on a treadmill, skeleton and rose imposed on image. ASKII image made out of random letters and numbers in the shape of a female form.