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Scott gave the "Rising Star in Evolution" talk for the 2021 Atwood Colloquium at the University of Toronto

Every year biologists from all three University of Toronto campuses as well as the Royal... Read more
Sheela Turbek

Sheela defended her doctoral thesis!

Sheela successfully defended her thesis on March 31st and is officially a doctor! Her dissertation... Read more
screen shot of article

Sheela publishes on seedeater speciation in Science!

Congratulations to Sheela for publishing a large part of her PhD thesis in Science! This... Read more
Chickadee nestling

Mia, Cori, Angela and Will received grants from CFO and/or DFO!

Mia has recently received funding from both the Denver Field Ornithologists and Colorado Field Ornithologists!... Read more
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Cori and Erik gave talks for the Denver Field Ornithologists

Cori and Erik recently gave talks about their Denver Feild Ornithologists funded reseach to a... Read more
peruvian booby nests

Scott talks guano islands with the Broomfield Birding Club

Scott recently gave a talk titled "Guarding the world's finest guano: a story of ecology... Read more

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Watch Scott's TEDxBoulder talk below.