Joining the lab

I will not be recruiting new students until Fall 2025.

Graduate Students 

Motivated students who are interested in joining the lab through the Ph.D. or M.A. program in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology (EBIO) at CU Boulder should contact me directly prior to submitting an application to the department. In your email please introduce yourself, outline how your research interests overlap with my own (see Research), and provide some detail about your future career goals. Also, include a brief CV and a sample of your writing (if available).

As an advisor, my philosophy is to facilitate and support student-directed research projects that fulfill individual interests and career goals. Given that our lab works primarily on topics related to hybridization, population divergence, and speciation, I expect these themes to be incorporated into graduate student work. I foresee the majority of my graduate students designing their own studies, but welcome the opportunity for students to join and expand on ongoing lab projects.

Eligible students will be encouraged to apply for external funding.

Undergraduate Students

The importance of undergraduate research experience cannot be overstated and I encourage motivated undergrads (From CU Boulder or elsewhere) to contact me if they are interested in volunteer, for credit, or paid opportunities working in the lab or field. If you are interested in contacting the lab about for credit, or paid positions, please first read at least two papers from the publication list on this website and include the title of the paper, a short summary, and a few questions you have about the paper after reading it to begin our discussion.

Academic Environment

Home to a large Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department (EBIO), the University of Colorado Boulder supports a diverse collection of faculty researching ecology and evolution. The EBIO graduate program is collegial and high-achieving and provides advanced training in a wide variety of biological disciplines including evolutionary genetics and ecology, behavior, morphology, and systematics. Weekly seminars from both external scholars and graduate students in the EBIO program contribute to a dynamic and engaging environment.


Boulder is a vibrant college town of ~110,000 located on the front range of the Southern Rocky Mountains 28 miles from Denver. With easy access to incredible hiking, climbing, and skiing Boulder is the ideal town for the outdoor enthusiast. Quick access to natural areas is complimented by great local food and beer. Located at the mouth of Boulder Canyon, Boulder is flanked on the west by mountains and on the east by the high plains. The University of Colorado Boulder campus is bordered by the iconic Flatirons, which sit on the east slope of Green Mountain.