Yunyang Ye
Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Ph.D. Thesis

 "Standardized Computational Framework for Prototypical Building Energy Model Creation and Building Energy Analyses." (2019)

Nominee of 2019 College of Engineering & Applied Science Outstanding Dissertation Award by the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (One nominee per department)

First Job After Graduation

Research Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Dr. Yunyang Ye graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Building Environment and Facilities Engineering from Tongji University, China in 2013. He then continued into his Master’s Degree in Power Engineering (HVAC) in Tongji University and graduated in March 2016. In his years at the university, he has published various journal papers and conference papers. He was also awarded second prize in the Energy Star Contest in 2012, third prize in China of the 5th National University Student Contest on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in 2012, and third prize of the College Scholarship for the top 15% students in 2011. In addition, he received a Scholarship for Outstanding Students in 2012 and ASHRAE Travel Grant-in-aid award in 2019. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Architectural Engineering at University of Colorado Boulder in 2019. During his study at CU Boulder, he focused on large-scale building energy modeling, sensitivity analysis, building energy codes, and net zero energy community.

Research Interests

Large-scale building energy modeling, sensitivity analysis, building energy codes, and net zero energy community.

Research Projects

04/2016 - 03/2020: ASHRAE - 1771-TRP, Energy Modeling of Typical Commercial Buildings in Support of ASHRAE Building Energy Quotient Energy Rating Program

03/2019 - 09/2019: DOE - Building Energy Modeling - OpenStudio SDK Development and Management (joint project with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

05/2019 - 08/2019: DOE - Virtual Electric Power Board (EPB) (joint project with Oak Ridge National Laboratory)


  • Yunyang Ye 2019. ASHRAE Grant-in-Aid Award. ASHRAE, $10,000. 2019.
  • ASHRAE Student Travel Grant. ASHRAE University of Colorado Boulder Student Branch, $750. 2018.
  • Outstanding Service Award. ASHRAE University of Miami Chapter. 2017


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Peer Reviewed Conference Papers:

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